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Just You Wait And See

The commercial break arrives not a moment too soon, and I get to sing along to the Swiffer Sweeper song. I'm inspired to take a quick break to Swiff my apartment, but when I get back to my VCR, the Camdens and their stupid problems are still there.

Lucy pulls up to Andrew's house in the "cool" electric van, and we're subjected to a mildly amusing scene where Mr. Nayloss gives Lucy the third degree, asking her how long she's had her license and whether she's ever been arrested. Oh, I get it, Lucy's driving, so we've got some role-reversal humour thing going on. Okay. After threatening to call the police if Lucy doesn't get Andrew home by his ten o'clock curfew, Mr. Nayloss lets the kids leave for their date. Like a good Rules gal, Lucy is waiting for Andrew to come around and open her car door, but -- okay, here's where the zaniness truly kicks in, are you with me? -- Andrew's waiting for her to open the passenger-side door for him! Personally, I think the driver should open the passenger's door regardless of anyone's gender, but I guess in the 7th Heaven universe we're learning a Valuable Lesson about what happens when a female tries to usurp the traditional male role of driving on a date. I'm just glad I got that Costco membership last week, because they sell industrial-sized bottles of Pepto-Bismol. Believe me, I'll be stocking up before my next kick at the 7th Heaven bucket.

Back at the hospital cafeteria, RevCam's snarfling his Jell-O when Hank walks in. Poor Ed Begley, he seems so cranky. Maybe he's remembering that he used to be in movies like This Is Spinal Tap. He makes a snarky speech to RevCam about being in the middle of a difficult delivery and being called down to the cafeteria to watch RevCam eat Jell-O. It's pretty funny. He turns to leave but comes back when Eric tells him that Julie is leaving him. He asks if it is because of the supermodel. Shyeah, right! I'm so sure the "supermodel" is not just Hank's fantasy or anything. Dorky Matt overhears and starts badgering Hank about the alleged supermodel patient. He wants to know if the supermodel is scheduled for a cesarean, you know, in case Matt is working that day, heh heh. Hank whacks Matt on the head. No, really, he does! RevCam wants to know what Hank's going to do about Julie, and Hank points out that Julie knew about his occupation before she married him, and that as an ob/gyn, he's "only gonna have female patients." He says he has to get back to the delivery room and stalks out of the cafeteria. From there on in, he must be travelling at a snail's pace, though, because RevCam catches up to him, no problem, even after taking time out to whack dopey Matt on the head himself.

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