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Just You Wait And See

Eric berates Hank some more, and Hank puts in his own share of pregnant-woman bashing: "Do you have any idea what it's like living with someone who's completely irrational and insane twenty-four hours a day?" Maybe not, but I'll bet RevCam has some idea of what it's like to live with a really neurotic woman who spends entirely too much time making goofy faces. I have to commend RevCam, though, for telling Hank he has to stick by his wife right now. At least I think that's what he's saying. Some of the dialogue on this show is so poorly written that it's hard to tell. Hank stomps off and Matt asks RevCam if he's going home now. RevCam says, "I'm not going anywhere. I just found Hank's Achilles heel." Matt asks, "It's not the supermodel, is it?" Hyuk, hyuk, barf.

Back in the Camden living room, Julie thinks she's figured out the problem: she and Hank aren't ready to be parents because they "haven't even worked out the husband and wife part yet." Annie tries to reassure her, but Julie's still riddled with self-doubt, blah blah. When Julie complains of back pain, Annie sees a golden opportunity to make her escape, ostensibly to get a hot water bottle.

And how's Lucy's date progressing? Well, she and Andrew are both standing in front of the ticket booth at the cinema, but nobody's offering to buy any tickets. They both just keep looking expectantly at each other, each of them waiting for the other to spring for the tickets. The ticket seller pipes up with a snarky, "The suspense is killing me." Lucy cracks and buys the tickets. As he's walking through the door to the theatre, Andrew says he'll get the popcorn, right as he lets the door slam shut in Lucy's face. I suspect the writers are still trying to treat us to a brainwashing on the traditional gender-role concept, but to me it just looks like Rude Andrew needs to be beat over the head with one of Miss Manners's many fine books, preferably a hardcover edition.

Mary and Simon are at some restaurant, and Mary wants to know why Simon doesn't have a date with Deena. Turns out Deena's dad caught them making out and now says they can only have one date a week. Simon explains that he and Deena had discussed "make-out strategies" beforehand and concluded that if they were caught, Deena's dad would probably be more liberal than RevCam. That whole strategizing idea is kind of creepy, if you ask me, and Mary agrees, because she asks, "Who are you?" Simon replies, "Camden, Simon Camden," which is a really, really dumb joke but, against all logic, sounds kind of sweet when Simon says it. Mary smiles at him and then stares off into the distance. There's a shot of two teenage girls across the restaurant, and the way this scene is edited, it looks like Mary is staring longingly at the blonde girl. Somehow I doubt this was the intention.

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