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Just You Wait And See

Okay, I hope you have your Maalox handy, because the scene degenerates rapidly. The attractive blonde girl comes over and sucks up to Mary, telling her she's seen her play basketball. She introduces herself as Diane Hardt and points to Simon, saying, "Please tell me this isn't your date." At first I'm not sure what Diane is getting at, or maybe my brain just refuses to assimilate the information it's receiving, but this cute teenage girl is -- suspend your disbelief, please -- interested in Simon! Ewwww!!!! Simon invites her to join them, and Diane plants herself in a chair about two inches from him. Mary asks Diane how old she is, and she replies, "Fifteen, but a young fifteen." I keep waiting for Diane to break into the rest of her stand-up routine, because surely this is all a joke. ["Especially the 'fifteen' part, since that actress probably turned fifteen sometime in the late eighties." -- Sars]

Oh, criminy, we're back to Hank and RevCam in the cafeteria. Does anyone actually care about this scene? Okay, on the off chance someone does, I'll try to muddle through it quickly. Hank points to RevCam belligerently and says, "So what you're saying is..." RevCam finishes off the thought: "That no matter how many pregnant women you've been around, you still don't know how to cope with your own pregnant wife?" Hank sputters a bit and then admits that RevCam is right. He complains a little more about Julie, natch. Then RevCam says, "Get cleaned up and I'll take you out to dinner," which is especially weird because Hank's lab coat, or whatever you'd call it, is spotless, despite the difficult delivery he's just been through. Matt wrangles an invitation to join them. Yeah, with all his life experience, he'll be a great help.

No, don't put the cap back on the Maalox bottle yet. It's Ruthie time. She's waltzing the poor, hapless kitty around the room and talking about how soft and fun cats are. Except this time she's tormenting the twins with her stupid babbling. Shouldn't someone be calling the Glenoak Children's Aid Society about now to put a stop to that? Annie is in the hallway outside Ruthie's room and sees Happy scratching at the door. She knocks on the door and Ruthie shoves the kitty into her knapsack before answering the door. Happy takes the opportunity to slip into the room but, regrettably, does not bite Ruthie. There is an extremely unfunny exchange between Annie and Ruthie which I won't even bother getting into, and then Annie says she'll be back soon to get the twins ready for bed. Mr. Cate wants to know why neither of the parents have displayed any interest in the care of their infant children so far. It's a good question, but I don't have much interest in the twins either, so I can live without the answer. Ruthie offers to give the twins their bottles, and Annie thanks her but says, "I still think you're up to something." She says she'll be back. Ruthie closes the door, which causes Annie to turn around and make her 722nd goofy face of this episode. I believe this one is meant to register surprise. She holds that position while Ruthie opens the door briefly to put Happy outside. Annie would probably still be standing there with her "surprised" face on, except Julie calls for help.

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