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Chief is getting chewed out by his boss, The Grinch, over his hate crime. Chief tries to defend himself, saying that Teff deserved a beating because he was denigrating the men who died on September 11th by claiming they were gay. Grinch says that Chief didn't have to put the guy in a coma. Chief argues that the doctors put him in a coma, and anyway, Teff threw the first punch. For a balding guy, Chief sure is finding a lot of hairs to split. Grinch hopes that Chief has a witness, and Chief says that lots of people saw what happened, and that he's sure one of them will step up. You mean, one of the guys hanging out in a gay bar will step up to help defend someone who beat up a gay guy? Good luck with that. Grinch warns Chief that he's in big trouble, and that they might even fire him. Chief asks Grinch to "call somebody," and Grinch tells Chief to call "a good lawyer." Chief tries to defend himself some more, but Grinch doesn't want to hear it.

Lou sits at his computer and works on his horrible, horrible poetry. Here's a sample:

Crash! The sky is falling.
Crash! A shower of glass and fire!
Crash! My maker's calling
But I won't answer his heavenly choir.

Lou considers this and decides it needs another "crash" in there. Oh, Lou.

The firefighters' hockey team practices. Tommy and some guy named Ryan discuss the players, especially Probie. Tommy likes Probie, but Ryan thinks he's not a team player. Ryan wants to beat the cops in their annual hockey game this year, and Tommy says that Probie just needs some coaching. He adds that he and Ryan are co-captains, so they should make decisions together. Ryan says that he has seniority, which is why he's a captain, and that Tommy was voted into the job, so he's barely a captain at all. Which makes no sense -- you'd think Tommy would be more of a captain, since the team voted him in. Whatever. There's clearly animosity between these two. Probie skates up, and Ryan tells him to turn in his jersey and hit the locker room. Ryan leaves. Tommy yells at Probie for not passing the puck enough, and then says that he should show up for the game despite what Ryan said.

In the firehouse, Lou is trying to assure Chief that everything will be fine with his hate crime. Lou says there's so much red tape involved that it'll be months before a hearing, and by that time, the whole thing will have blown over. Lou jokes that Billy (sitting nearby) has been in a medically-induced coma for years. Billy is lost in his thoughts and misses most of the conversation, but manages to tune in just as Lou says (to Chief), "You're gonna be okay." Billy thinks Lou was talking to him, and thanks him. That will be important later.

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