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Tommy tries to fix Sheila's television, and that's not a euphemism. That will come later. Sheila asks about work, and Tommy says that the hockey game is coming up, and uses this as an opportunity to complain about Ryan. Sheila drops the news that Ryan has called her a couple of times. Tommy looks up sharply. Sheila says that Ryan asked her out, and says that he's her "only male suitor since Jimmy died." Tommy bitches that Ryan is married, but Sheila says he said he was getting divorced. Tommy thinks that's news to Ryan's wife, and calls Ryan a scumbag. Tommy gets a shock from the television, which is probably God's way of letting Tommy know that the pot is calling the kettle black. Sheila asks Tommy if he's started dating yet, and Tommy says that he hasn't, and then asks Sheila how Lisa is doing. Sheila says she's fine, and that she's out of town this week. Sheila suggests that she and Tommy go out on a date this week, like it just occurred to her. I feel like she's been planning this one for a while. I think I just hate the actress, Callie Thorne, because she ruined Homicide. Tommy isn't so sure about the date idea, but eventually agrees.

Roger's office. His secretary walks in to show him that they've been hit by another virus, and asks who he pissed off.

Garrity finds Probie and says that he looked up the Hindenberg and found out that it was a huge blimp that blew up in New Jersey. Probie says, "See? That's exactly why I'm trying to read the paper more. I miss stuff." Garrity explains that it happened "way back, like in the '30s or something." Probie is relieved that he's not so far out of the loop. They're interrupted by a guy in a suit looking for Chief.

Chief talks to the suit, and explains his side of the hate crime. The suit points out that the papers are telling a different story, and shows Chief the cover of the Post, where the headline reads, "Black Eye for FDNY, Cover-Up Suspected." The suit asks if Chief knew he was in a gay bar, and Chief denies it. The suit says that the Bureau of Investigation is gathering information, and that if a punishment is deemed necessary, Chief will have a few days to decide whether to accept or decline. Chief wonders what kind of punishment they are talking about. The suit says it could be a fine equivalent to thirty days' worth of pay. Chief thinks that's bullshit, and offers to decline it right now. The suit says that if he declines it, the case will go to trial. Chief says he doesn't care, because he's right. The suit wants a more detailed statement, and Chief tries to toss him out. The suit tells Chief that his job, future, and pension are all at stake here, and that this thing isn't going away. Chief walks out.

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