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Sheila bums a smoke from Tommy. She asks if it feels like the whole world is falling to pieces. Tommy feels the same way: "Everything that's good and fun is just sliding away, you know? Jimmy, all the good times we used to have down at the firehouse. That's all changed. Come home here and dealing with this shit across the street. I just feel like everything good in my life is just sliding away and there's nothing I can do about it." Sheila looks at Tommy with disgust and asks, "How big a pussy are you? I had something taken away from me. My husband. But the things you want, they're here. All you have to do is fight for them. Grow a pair of balls, why don't you?" On the one hand, be more self-absorbed, Sheila. On the other hand, she's kind of right. As she walks off, Jimmy stares at her from inside the house.

Tommy walks into his kitchen. He opens the cabinet and starts throwing all of his liquor bottles into the garbage. Jimmy shows up and says that Sheila still looks good. Tommy protests that he doesn't look at her that way. Jimmy asks what he's doing, and Tommy says he's "stopping the slide." He takes the bag full of bottles outside to the trash barrel.

Tommy and his kids are hanging out at his house. Tommy is on the phone. Colleen reaches for something in an upper cabinet, revealing a tattoo on her hipbone. Tommy spots it and gets off the phone to ask her what it is. Colleen says it's just a tiny one. She shows him the tattoo, which is a shamrock with the initials SM inside. She says that he's always telling them to be proud of their Irish heritage. Tommy tells her, "You want to be Irish? Wave a flag, march in a parade, have a hundred kids. Not yet." The other two kids come over to check it out. Tommy tells them to eat dinner in front of the TV, even though they're not usually allowed, and they run off. Tommy inspects the tattoo and asks Colleen if she's into S&M. She doesn't know what that is. Tommy asks whose initials they are, and Colleen refuses to tell him. Connor reveals that the initials stand for Shawn Murphy. Colleen doesn't think it's a big deal, because Janet has a tattoo on her butt. Tommy wonders how Colleen knows that, and Colleen says that Janet showed her. Tommy tells Colleen to get rid of the tattoo. Colleen protests that it's her body, and that he can't tell her what to do with it. Tommy says that she can move out when she's eighteen, but until then, she lives under his roof so she plays by his rules, which means no tattoos. Colleen snots that she wasn't living under his roof when she got it, because she was at Janet's house. Tommy isn't having it. Their argument is interrupted by the phone ringing. It's Janet, with horrible timing. She apologizes for asking for a favor, and says that there's a pipe leaking in the kitchen and Roger is coming over for dinner. Tommy asks why Roger can't fix it, and Janet says he's not good with tools. Tommy snarks, "That's funny, seeing as how he is one." Tommy promises to come over, and snaps at Colleen to watch her siblings.

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Rescue Me




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