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Phyllis asks Lou what he's going to do with his poems. Lou says he wasn't planning to do anything, but then adds that Dr. Tompkins asked him to read them at the PTSD seminar. Lou admits that he's thinking about doing it, but that he doesn’t know if his poems are any good or not. Phyllis says he shouldn't read them if they suck, because he'll look like a big jerk. It cracks me up how you would expect a wife to be all supportive that Lou is opening up and revealing his emotions, and instead she's like, "You're kind of a pussy and it's ruining our marriage." Lou says he just wants someone (hint hint) to read the poems and tell him if they're no good. Phyllis doesn't want to do it. Lou says that he doesn't have anyone else to ask, because no one else knows about the poems. Phyllis says, "I'm not good with poetry. It's too fancy." Hee! Perfect line delivery. Lou asks her again to read it.

Tommy fixes Janet's pipes (not a euphemism) as she says that she didn't show her tattoo to Colleen. Instead, Colleen walked in while Janet was getting dressed and saw it. Janet thinks her tattoo (a heart with Tommy's initials in it) should be a deterrent to Colleen's interest in body art anyway.

Shawn Murphy throws pebbles at a window. Colleen comes to the window and smiles. They both move to meet up somewhere.

Tommy tells Janet about how Sheila said Janet never calls. Janet thinks Sheila is a bitch, who treated Janet like shit when she started dating Tommy, and was barely civil to her later on. Janet thinks that Sheila can kiss her "tight Irish ass," and adds that "her and all the other two-faced hypocrite broads like her are one of the main reasons I can't wait to get out of this neighborhood." That little speech did not sound like something Janet would say. It sounded like something Tommy would say. Tommy thinks Janet doesn't like Sheila because she's Italian. She's Italian with a name like "Sheila"?

Janet asks if her pipes are fixed, and Tommy says they're not. Janet panics because there are towels all over the floor and the tablecloth is still in the dryer. She begs Tommy not to leave before she gets back, and runs off to fetch the tablecloth. Tommy sighs and starts eating some celery. He spots a pad with some phone numbers on the top page, so he rips it off and stuffs it in his pocket. Janet returns and asks about the sink. Tommy says it's not fixed, but that it won't leak, and that he can get the part from a friend of Franco's tomorrow. Janet thanks Tommy and gives him a kiss. Tommy seems to consider this, then walks up behind Janet and starts putting the moves on. Janet asks what he's doing. Tommy can only say, "I...I fixed the sink." Roger shows up just then, and Janet welcomes him. Tommy says he can't stay for dinner because he has stuff to do. Roger looks miffed as Tommy walks out.

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