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Phyllis reads Lou's poems and says, "Oh my God." Lou pops out from behind the wall and asks what she thinks. Phyllis says she's not done yet, and tells him to go away.

Tommy uses binoculars to watch Janet and Roger fight, and grins, "Secret evil plan: one. Roger: nothing." Behind him, Shawn Murphy comes down the stairs, clearly not expecting Tommy to be home. Tommy thinks it's Jimmy, but when he turns and spots Shawn, he takes off after him. Tommy chases Shawn outside. Roger leaves Janet's house just as Tommy tackles Shawn in Janet's yard. Roger pulls Tommy off the kid and asks what he's doing. A neighbor asks if she should call the cops, and Janet tells her everything is fine. Roger says this is crazy, and that he's leaving. Janet tries to convince Roger to stay as Tommy reports that Shawn was at his house with Colleen. Roger takes off A dog starts barking, and another neighbor asks if everything is okay. Janet sighs that she hates this neighborhood. Tommy asks what he should do about Colleen, and Janet tells him to send her home. Tommy walks back to his house, but first he stops and digs some of the liquor bottles out of the trash can.

Phyllis is crying as she finishes reading. Lou says it's pretty powerful stuff, and Phyllis replies, "Oh, [Lou], it's awful." Lou thinks she's talking about the imagery, but Phyllis says that the poems themselves are awful. Lou tries to make excuses, but Phyllis tells him that he can't show them to anybody. Lou says that it's how he's learned how to express himself about the things that he's seen, and that he thought she'd be happy that he's able to open up and share. Phyllis says she doesn't need him to share or open up, and that she doesn't want to hear about dead babies and people burning. She likes it when they drink red wine and eat cookies and watch television. She smiles, "I love you the way you are. So I'll get rid of these." Lou looks devastated.

Chief's house. Chief's wife walks down some stairs with his dress uniform. She says that he's missing a button, and that she'll fix it in the morning. She asks if he's coming to bed, and he says he'll be there in a minute. Chief waits until she's gone and then walks over and stares at his uniform. He notes all the medals on it, and then starts crying.

It's the NYPD vs. FDNY hockey game. The cops are winning, six to one. Tommy complains to Ryan that he has to put Probie in, because they have no speed on their team. They take a vote, and everyone wants to put Probie in, but Ryan isn't having it. As Ryan skates off, Tommy seems to remember something about him. Tommy goes out onto the ice and starts a fight with Ryan. The ref isn't sure what to do, since they're on the same team. Tommy beats the crap out of Ryan until some of his teammates pull him off. Tommy's parting words are, "You call Sheila again, you're a dead man. Scumbag."

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Rescue Me




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