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Dana's secret

As the meeting finally rolls around to actual work, we get the special Dana-Perspective-Cam zooming in on Sam, intercut with shots of Dana looking nervous. She finally interrupts Jeremy, who's rambling on about some unnamed hockey player, to say, "Sam, is our meeting disturbing you?" "A little bit, but I've been through worse," he says, finally looking up. Dana's not sure how he can say that, since he hasn't been paying attention. Sam then rattles off a list of notes touching on all the aspects of the meeting so far, including a promise to cram a motherboard up Dan's arse if he mentions the internet poll again, although he said "butt" instead of "arse." "Did I catch the gist of the meeting?" he says, with a little edge. "Pretty much," says a chastened Dana, and Sam leaves. A couple more housekeeping details, and the meeting breaks. "Think I could take him?" says Dan, and Casey temporarily breaks from giving Dana the stink-eye to say no. "I think I could take him," says Dan. "Yeah, to lunch maybe," says Casey, who is then up and chasing down Dana to find out about this dinner engagement.

He trails after her, while she's muttering about Sam, until he can't pretend to listen anymore and then just says, "Uh, dinner engagement?" and thus we are introduced to perhaps the lamest subplot ever on this show, so I am going to try to waste as little space as possible on it: Dana. Dinner with friend from high school. Name? Cab Calloway. Seriously [pause to repair my television's Contrivance Alarm, which has just caught fire]. Casey hasn't gone on a date yet, even though Dating Plan has been in effect for weeks. Casey didn't know Dana was going to be dating too. It's not a date. Cab's Spanish name? Guillermo. Dana's gotta go. Sad music plays while Casey watches her leave.

Sam's office. Sam's typing as Dan comes in. Danny asks how it's going; Sam gives him the news that their ratings are up, and Dan's a little freaked about Sam's response since Dan was just shooting the breeze. He asks Sam if he's having any fun, and Sam stops working upon hearing that inane question. Meanwhile, behind him, there's this bookshelf that takes up the entire wall and there's nothing on it except for a hole-punch and the Yellow Pages, and I found that way funnier than alleged barrel-of-laughs Dan here going on about what a fun bunch the Sports Night crew is. Sam comes back with, "I've noticed you people have an ability to chatter at someone with energy and enthusiasm regardless of whether they appear interested or not," like, how much does Sam rock? This whole thing is similar to Dan's ain't-I-charming-and-persistent speech that he used to win over Rebecca, and if anyone should be a little wary of opening up his heart to let the sun shine in, you'd think it'd be Dan here. Sam points out that this isn't "TV camp": "I come in, I do my job, I do it better than anyone else, I get out. I stopped trying to make friends a long time ago." Dan: "Well, I think that's sad." Sam: "And I think that's tough." Dan apologizes for the conclusions that everybody jumped to about Sam before he started work, that he was just a suit, blah blah blah. Dan also calls Sam "man." Then he says, "You're, like, staying where you are," as opposed to the rest of the staff, who have come around and think Sam is a good guy, so I guess Dan forgets that moments ago he wanted to "take him." Anyway, Dan saunters out all proud of himself after saying Sam would like them if he gave them a chance, but if Sam wants to do his own thing, Dan will leave him alone -- at least for tonight. "Tomorrow, who knows," says Dan, and how he managed to escape Sam's office without a severe beating with the hole-punch is a complete mystery to me. After Dan leaves, Sam smiles to himself and says, "Okay," and I think this is the same music playing as when Casey watched Dana leave for dinner with Cab Calloway, except here I think it's supposed to be heart-tugging instead of heartbreaking.

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