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Dana's secret

Later, Dana comes back and bumps into Natalie, who makes a Cab Calloway joke that consists of her going, "Hi de hi de hi de ho," which I imagine for someone named Cab Calloway is a lot like people who launch into "Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling" when I'm around, except for the small problem that nobody else in the entire world is named Cab Calloway. ["Yeah, try 'Sara' by Jefferson Starship. No? No, I didn't think so. It's not even spelled the same way! Gah. Anyway." -- Sars] Dana takes Natalie into Dana's office to reveal that she took off her panties off during dinner, just by shifting in her seat, because Cab was boring and she was still annoyed at having to answer to Sam who knows everything, and she read in a magazine about people doing this or some such nonsense. Natalie's slightly scandalized, while Dana's slightly excited, or maybe this is what empowerment looks like -- I don't know. It should give you some idea just how irritating this plotline came across when I can't get on board with the idea of women talking about taking off their underwear. Although if anyone on this show should have this plot, it's the highly three-dimensional Kim, who pops in to get Dana for something, even though Natalie wants more details. In the doorway, Dana bumps into Casey, who came by to ask how dinner went and to say, "Hi de hi de hi de ho," and I hate to tell Sorkin that that was hardly worth this whole Cab Calloway contrivance. Then Casey tells Dana he ran her Dating Plan by Sam, and Sam thinks Dana's insane. Then he admits that Sam didn't actually say that, but Casey could tell from Sam's demeanour. Dana flits off to look at graphics, and Natalie tells Casey that Dana came back from dinner without her panties, then walks away as a flustered Casey presses for details, which Natalie won't give, prompting Casey to do this self-affirmation thing about not letting that get to him even though it clearly is and if the commercials had come any later, my aneurysm would have been fatal instead of just extremely debilitating.

Later, we're in the middle of the show with Casey delivering his lines pretty flat-line and then flubbing a throw to a field reporter, because he's distracted, I guess. They've got five minutes and forty seconds to annoy me before they go back live. Dan asks if Casey knows why Dan's ticked. Casey successfully pinpoints it -- that it's not just Casey winning, but that he wanted to win, as though Dan wasn't just as guilty of that as well. "I really can't take it anymore," says Casey, as the two of them get up and take off their mikes, but he's talking about Dana, not Dan. Dan expresses genuine concern at first, but Casey won't tell him what's going on, saying only that it has to do with underwear, so Dan starts going off on Casey cheating on the poll. Casey's not paying attention and moves toward the control room to talk to Dana, then thinks better of it, at least for now. "Whatever," says Dan, summing up the entire episode.

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