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Dana's secret

In the control room, Natalie and Jeremy crank up their non-plot a notch with Jeremy revealing he's going to write a letter to Natalie's dad, freaking Natalie out and setting Kim a-gigglin'. On the monitor, Dan asks where Casey is, and Natalie tells Dan that Casey went somewhere with Dana. Jeremy then smugly asks Dan how the internet poll's going, and the overall crappiness of this episode is alleviated slightly as Dan rushes right up to the camera so his face fills the entire monitor and threateningly whispers, "Don't think I'm not on to you, my friend," and I have to admit that that was really funny, and it was even better when Jeremy says all Michael Corleone, "Today I take care of all family business."

Ugh. Dan and Casey's office. I start repeating "almost done, almost done" to myself. Dana tells Casey to look in his top drawer. He does, and finds Dana's black panties, as the drumbeat of Neil Finn's "She Will Have Her Way" kicks in. Casey smiles instead of being pissed at this woman who is making him date other women while stuffing her underwear into his desk drawer. How cruel is Dana, anyway? She says it's so he'll have something to look forward to. "I'll keep these, if you don't mind," he says, putting the panties in his pocket as he walks past her into the newsroom. "I don't mind a bit," she says, smiling.

In the newsroom, Casey passes Sam and quietly says, "Everything's cool; I got her panties right here in my side pocket," and Sam says "okay" and watches him go, looking slightly befuddled. A moment later, Dana comes up to Sam to inform him that he doesn't control her life: "I happen to not be wearing panties right now and if you had a thousand guesses you couldn't tell me where they were." "Casey's side pocket," says Sam. Dana looks unfazed but says "dammit" as she turns and heads back to the control room, and okay, that was funny too.

We're taken out as Casey and Dana take their seats, with Dan and Natalie respectively noticing what a much better mood they're each in. Meanwhile, a computer screen shows Dan holding steady at 233, with Casey's tally at 2.6 million and rising, not unlike my blood pressure throughout this episode.

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