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Anyway, next up: Lisi versus Michelle. That's probably a thirty- or forty-pound weight differential, easily. Michelle, of course, goes right in the drink.

Boo versus Earl? Well, I think Earl would have been able to hang in, except that the platform is covered with mud by now, and he starts to slip and can't get his balance, so he gets pushed off.

Alex versus Mookie? Mookie puts up a good fight, but he loses as well.

So now it's 6-0, and Ravu's hopes of just not being skunked now rest with...Yau Man. Wee little Yau Man, intrepid computer engineer, will be going up against Stacy, who's bigger than he is and well-fed and everything, and who also has slathered herself in bitch sauce. Lisi yells out, "Bulldoze him." Because it's not enough just to win the challenge, or to win the challenge with a shut-out, or to win the challenge with a shut-out ending in the defeat of a smaller, older, apparently very nice man. You have to win the challenge with a shut-out ending in the defeat of a smaller, older, apparently very nice man who you hit really hard. At least I can make myself happy by hoping extra-hard that Stacy goes into the mud face-down. Alex and "Dreamz" trade smug grins at the foregone conclusion that is this matchup. Go! Yau Man plays this incredibly smart, which you can see on the replay. He plays mostly defense until Stacy makes the bad mistake of trying to turn around. When someone turns her back to you for even a second in this game, you can immediately get an almost insurmountable advantage on her. It's the same thing that happened to Anthony, and it happens to Stacy here, and Yau Man spots the opening immediately. He puts her down on the platform, where she hangs partly over the side until he finishes her off, tossing her into the mud. And it almost is a little bit face-first, so at least I got something. Ravu celebrates. Even Rocky smiles warmly as he says, "Atta boy, Yau Man." Yau Man actually feels kind of bad about wrestling Stacy into the mud, saying of himself, "Pick on a little girl." He adds, "An ugly win, but a win is a win." It's a little patronizing, really, but Stacy is so wretched that I totally don't care. Not that we know this yet. Furthermore, there are guys who are raised to believe that you shove a woman in the mud about as readily as you rip the paws off a kitten, so I think that was partly a self-conscious, nervous reaction to something that felt really unnatural to him.

Of course, it takes exactly one hit -- and barely one -- for Cassandra to send Rita into the mud again in what Jeff Probst hilariously calls their "grudge match," so that challenge is over in a hurry, with Moto the winner that will be taking all. Asked to send someone from Ravu to Exile Island, Moto sends Earl. They do at least seem to have the hang of the fact that you send the same person or people in order to limit the number who could potentially (in theory) have the idol. Earl heads off to Exile. Jeff sends Ravu back to camp with nothing, again.

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