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Back from commercials, we're at Moto on Day 13, so this is the day after the reward challenge. Stacy wakes up and smells the coffee, which is highly ironic, considering later events. Alex is overjoyed by the clean-smelling soap. Lisi picks her nose. Or maybe she doesn't, but I'm totally thinking she did, because if she did, you bet your ass they'd show it. Editors aren't made of stone. Alex interviews about what a "big deal" it was to win all that stuff. "Dreamz" comes up to the shelter and looks at the coffee reward and the toiletries, mentioning (I believe) that "they even gave us floss." Stacy and Lisi, sitting right there, completely ignore him. "That's all right, y'all ain't gotta talk to me, that's cool," says "Dreamz," in that way that is on the one hand irritated and on the other hand hurt. Stacy makes this speech in an interview: "'Dreamz' and Cassandra have no allies on this team. It's five to two, they're going to get picked off, they know it, they're getting paranoid. Not my problem. We're all adults here; there's no children. I mean, come on. It's Survivor." I am already memorizing that quote, in the event I want to sarcastically link to it in a later episode. Perhaps you are now reading this page after following said sarcastic link! You are from the future!

Back at the shelter, "Dreamz" has stirred some coffee into a cup of hot water, apparently under the impression that it was instant, which it isn't, so it's just got grounds in it. "This ain't the instant-dissolve coffee," he realizes. "So you've got to filter it." Stacy, sitting nearby, ignores him. He takes a sip and spits out the grounds. It's weirdly awkward, especially given his background -- it's not like he's unfamiliar with coffee or anything, but it's one of those moments where you wonder if you're seeing a gap in someone's experience that should be seen more as a hardship than a weakness. Lisi, who could not think of it that way if she were hit on the head and instructed to do so, comes over and asks "Dreamz" why he's doing that. She tells him that he's doing it wrong, but says nothing else. That will help, certainly. Alex, clearly annoyed, tells Lisi and Stacy that if they know how to operate the coffee maker, they should tell "Dreamz." Stacy waves her hand: "I'm not gonna tell him anything." Alex interviews that Stacy and Lisi were being complete bitches in this situation for no apparent reason. He tells Stacy to tell "Dreamz" how to use the pot -- partly to avoid having him waste a lot of coffee, presumably, since they didn't have all that much, and the grounds that Dreamz is spitting into the dirt aren't doing anyone any good. Finally, acting like she's maybe the most put-upon person in the entire world, Stacy explains to "Dreamz" how to use the French press. If you've ever used a French press, it's not completely intuitive, especially at first, so I have no idea why Stacy's being such a flat-out fucking asshole about this. I would bet you anything that, at some point, someone showed her how to use one, as opposed to her picking it up and figuring it out for herself. She ends her little explanation with "simple as that," as if nobody who's worth anything doesn't know how to operate a French press. It's what separates us from the animals! Stacy is the opposite of the definition of "grace" that I like to apply to reality-show contestants, which is the ability to make people feel comfortable in any situation. Oswald has it. Several people I know in real life have it. Stacy has the opposite of it: she makes people feel shitty in any situation, apparently on purpose. Badly done, Stacy, to quote Emma.

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