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They're Back, and They Can't Get a Word In! Whew-Hoo!

We're back, and the S16 are all on their feet, but managing now to contain their excitement over their new wheels. Rosie looks like she might be about to sing...or have a bowel movement. Thankfully, we're spared both. And if I'd had to decide between witnessing one of the two, it would have been a difficult choice. Crazy-eyed, skulking Peter Pandit is smiling now, so someone might have asked him about his holes. Rosie closes the show by attempting to put the game of Survivor in the context of current world politics. She thinks Survivor teaches people how to accept, get along with, and care for each other, and "it's a beautiful thing when it works right." She thinks it worked right this time. However, I think Survivor works right when the S16 are at each other's throats, and the ratings would agree with me.

The ending is all a big tease, because we're not quite there yet. Rosie reveals that she was touched when Paschal and his wife Beverly were reunited during the "Loved Ones from Home" challenge. We see the clip of Paschal hugging Beverly while Robert holds Neleh back. Aw. Paschal loves his wife. Isn't that touching? And ew! I think I saw tongue. Now we see Beverly in the audience; she is holding a fan with Paschal's face on one side and a dark-haired woman on the reverse. At first I think it's the graphic from the whole "Free Winona" t-shirt campaign, but then I realize it's publicity-grubbing Rosie! Rosie summons Bev, who's wearing a cape, onto the stage. They embrace and cuddle, and then The Moppet rubs her back and nestles up against her in a disturbing sort of way. Paschal whispers something to his wife, which might well be "Don't look now, but there's a Moppet on your back...move forward....very can do it...grab my hand." Rosie then plugs away for CBS and and Vecepia's forthcoming appearance on The Early Show. She thanks the audience for supporting "the greatest city that ever was," and urges us to keep watching CBS. She peaces out, and promises she'll see us in Thailand. There's no more singing, but there is a pissed-off looking Richard Hatch, who is one season further away from fame.

The S16 hug each other because that's what they do, and bittersweet music plays and as the credits begin to roll. I am forced to accept the fact that this has been a Rudy-less reunion show, but I'll muddle through. Or launch a massive letter-writing campaign to enlist Rudy as next season's reunion-show host. There won't be any crappy "How did you feel when you lost, Neleh?" questions, or raving on about Tom Cruise. It will be all "You're a piece of shit"s, and "I don't like you...and I never will!"s. A girl can dream, can't she?

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