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They're Back, and They Can't Get a Word In! Whew-Hoo!

Rosie then reveals that "Oh my heck!" is her favorite expression to emerge from all four seasons of Survivor, and I can't believe she prefers that to "I will always wave my finger in your face," or anything ever said by Talking Rudy Doll. Neleh explains that she didn't realize how much she said it, and Rosie says she's never heard anyone else say it. Most likely because the rest of the world knows better. Neleh says the expression is "a Utah thing," and that since the show ended, she's been picking up on the expression from her fellow Utahns. She enthusiastically concludes, "Everyone in Utah says, 'Oh my heck!'" which is as good a reason as any I've heard to avoid going to Utah. Rosie then outs Neleh as a poser by pointing out how "funny" it is that Neleh was so good and righteous for the thirteen straight weeks when the show aired, but ruined it all when she said, "Oh, that sucks" in response to John's question at the final Tribal Council. Rosie reveals that she got Neleh two hats as a gift: one that reads "Oh my heck," and one for when she's in a very bad mood, which says, "This sucks." Neleh proves she may have a better sense of humor than I thought she did by donning the "This sucks" hat. Or else she just can't read.

Rosie suddenly asks what Neleh and Paschal found about each other that was "appealing." That's had me stumped, too. Neleh responds that from the first day it was clear that they weren't the strongest castaways, and the other members of Rotu forced them to the back of the raft to hang onto the end and kick. She then randomly launches into her concerns that there were "sharks in [there] that [were] gonna eat [them]." Miraculously, she returns to the point, which is that she and Paschal bonded instantly; she exclaims, "I love that guy!" Now Rosie asks of Paschal, "What was it about [Neleh]? Did you think of her, like, as a daughter? You thought of her...." and Paschal cuts her off before she can complete the sentence with "underage, half-wit love goon?" He claims that Neleh was an "extension of home" for him because he's "such a family person," which just seems to me like such a self-serving, obnoxious thing to say. He reveals that he and Neleh met before they were even selected as finalists, and he told his wife that if that "little girl" was selected, then there was something "really special" about her. So she was only really special if she was selected? That's a total non sequitur, and I thought judges were at least supposed to have some basic grasp of logic. And by now, most of you know how I feel about "special" as a descriptive word, anyway. Paschal calls Neleh "as pristine a young woman as [he's] ever known," which is a really strange way of describing someone -- she's clean? And that's the best attribute he can come up with to describe her? Paschal then realizes that he has two pristine daughters at home, and that he should throw a compliment or two their way so that he doesn't have to foot the therapy bills three years from now. Still, he insists that Neleh reminds him of home.

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