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They're Back, and They Can't Get a Word In! Whew-Hoo!

Rosie explains that Vecepia claimed to know she was going to win in a way Rosie found "interesting." A crazy, obnoxious sort of "way," but Rosie doesn't say that. Vecepia says she decided one day that she was going to be on Survivor, so she wrote on a sticky note, "I will be a Survivor," because of a Bible verse which advises us to "write our vision down and make it plain." She put the note on her work computer, and told the note every day that she was going to get the call. The request for an interview came a few days later, and once Vecepia had been selected, she scratched out "I will be a Survivor" and replaced the message with "I will be the ultimate Survivor," and began reciting that mantra each day. She credits her selection and ultimate win to "believing in [her] faith that it was gonna happen." Since she's so effectively working the prayer thing, maybe she should try writing down, "There will be peace in the Middle East," or, "There will be no more world hunger." Vecepia brags that she'll always be "an ultimate Survivor" regardless of what happens to her, but that this experience has enabled her to "see God's work at hand, and to know it was Him -- it was all Him -- cause [she] kept the faith." Vecepia's family cheers because they love their crazy, millionaire relative, and Rosie agrees that you have to "dream it to live it." Luckily, we're spared further crazy talk from Vecepia for the moment, when Rosie announces that it's time for a break. She promises that we'll return later and hear from the others -- including a pink lip-glossed Tammy, to whom Rosie bestows the "Sue Hawk Award for Most Outrageous Speech."

Back from commercial, we get a clip of Tammy's diatribe in which she calls Vecepia and Neleh "holier-than-thou" and "hypocrites" and the "two biggest liars out on the island," and couldn't you just listen to that all day? The Central Park audience (and Rosie) cheers on Tammy, as Vecepia and Neleh attempt to look like good, forgiving Christians. Rosie says that you don't fool around with Tammy, and that all she needs is Sue's "the vulture, and if you was drowning on the street with a glass of water I wouldn't even step on your head" speech. Rosie asks, "What was the point of your whole rant?" and Tammy responds that she was pissed off because she didn't win. That was how she felt at that moment, and she wanted the others to know. She adds, "Granted, I've had three months to adjust now, but that's the way I felt then." When Rosie inquires as to whether Tammy's still "bitter and hostile," Tammy responds that she's going to counseling for that. Rosie ignores Tammy's attempt at a joke, because she's the one making the jokes here!

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