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They're Back, and They Can't Get a Word In! Whew-Hoo!

Rosie's bored now, and turns to Sean. She loved his singing voice over the course of the series, and commands the audience to "give it up for this man's voice!" She's also impressed by his physique and tells him, "There are parts of your body that I didn't know are supposed to go in at that point!" She says he has "like, indents," and she's never had that at age forty. If it makes Rosie feel any better, about 99% of the population has never had that at any age, either. Sean and I are fairly unique in our stunningly cut physiques. We see the clip of Sean and Vecepia singing "Brand New Day" while celebrating the overthrow of the Rotu alliance, and Rosie talks over the clip, urging Sean to "work those abs." Rosie then points out that a lot of people don't know that Sean was recently voted Teacher of the Year. She announces that he's a teacher in Harlem, and he corrects that he's a teacher in South Central. Rosie also points out that Sean "spent some time on Broadway." Sean says that he was in a play called Scapin with Bill Irwin in '98 or so. Sean says that teaching means more to him "than a whole lot." He "specifically [loves] teaching in the 'hood, if you will" because he wants "young brothers" to see that Sean has been able to "keep it real and keep it educated." He hopes that his students will realize that if Sean can do it, so can they. Rosie calls Sean "amazing," and says he was a lot of fun to watch. Which is true. It's time for a commercial now, but Rosie tells us there's more to talk about, and that we'll be here "all night."

The clip of Paschal and Sean rolling in the surf after winning the Marquesan feast reward challenge greets us as we return from the commercial, accompanied by a split screen of the two men trying to look amused. Paschal does a much better job of it than Sean does. Rosie asks whether Paschal ever thought he'd become such good friends with "an African-American teacher from the 'hood!" and Paschal says he didn't think in terms of race, and then changes the subject to talk about the formation of relationships in general on the show. He says that no one would understand who hasn't been on Survivor, but that he would "literally die" for any of the other S16. He claims to be closer to the others now than than he is to anyone in his life except for his immediate family, and insists again that it would take six continuous years with your best friends to accumulate that kind of contact. In the background, Sarah is vigorously nodding her head, and Hunter may or may not still be drunk. Paschal says that Sean is one of the most incredible men he's had the good fortune of knowing; Paschal's blessed to have Sean in his life. Sean looks skeptical, and a bored Rosie dismisses the conversation with a distracted "Yes, very beautiful."

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