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They're Back, and They Can't Get a Word In! Whew-Hoo!

Rosie turns her attention to something far more exciting: Sarah's fake breasts. Rosie calls Sarah "the Kimmi of this year's Survivor," and I have no idea if that's meant as a compliment or insult, but I'm guessing it's the latter. Rosie says, "Nice to see you brought your boobs with you," and Sarah attempts to open her shirt seductively, but looks more silly than anything else. Rosie calls Sarah's entrance "classic Survivor," and claims that it will "go down in history" as "the most absurd way to play the game." Rosie imitates Sean imitating Sarah as Rosie says this. The clip follows, along with Sean's "boobs hangin' out" commentary. Rosie then grabs her own breasts and imitates Sarah wondering about getting a tan. I didn't need to see it when Sarah did it, and I don't need to see it now, either.

Rosie asks whether Sarah has a boyfriend, and Sarah does; she's proud that he's in the audience. Rosie innocently says, "Excellent," but then begins screaming about how Sarah spent the first night in the raft with Rob. She asks what "all [their] little canoodling in the bed" was about, and Sarah responds that she and Rob became good friends; she doesn't know what else to say. Rosie says she's good friends with Colby, but they've never "shared a cuddle in bed like that." And thank you, Rosie; you're just bringing on the unpleasant visuals tonight.

Rosie asks how Rob -- who she calls "a Boston guy, construction worker" -- feels about the evening. The crowd cheers for Rob; Rosie tells him he's got "a million-dollar smile," and "an amazing manner about [him]." An amazing manner, evidently, that includes comments like, "I was glad Sarah brought her boobs, too." Rosie asks if Rob got along well with everyone, and then singles out Hunter. Rob asks if Hunter is still "cryin'," because Rob brought him some tissues for Hunter. Rob hands over some Kleenex, but the joke doesn't go over with the audience, I think, because it's kind of mean-spirited. Rosie asks what was the toughest part of the game, and Rob answers that the whole thing was "pretty easy." He then adds, "Yeah right. I lost. Who'm I kidding?" He says that the bugs were "incessantly brutal," as were with the whining and crying of his tribemates. Rob then admits that he was teased by his fellow construction workers because he "lost to a girl, puked up [his] fish!" Rob asks the audience to "give it up for Neleh!" Because she must be a really amazing half-wit if she beat manly Rob.

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