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How Could You Be So Heartless?
You saved me." She says she doesn't know what to say to him. She asks to see his face. It makes me wish Clark looked not like Tom Welling, but like ... I dunno... David Caruso with extra pock marks and a bubble of snot perpetually heaving in and out of one nostril and a big, pink hairy mole on his chin that jiggles like a fishing lure when he talks. Would Lois still be so smitten if the Blur showed her a face like that? Clark takes a step toward her, getting her hopes up, but then zips away.

At the Watchtower some time later, Chloe's on the phone with Lois, telling her she's glad she's safe and will be home soon. She goes down the spiral staircase and finds Clark standing in front of the circular stained glass window. The view put things in perspective, he says. "Jimmy knew exactly what he was doing when he bought this place." Meaning, I think, that he must have known he was about to die and wouldn't have to worry about paying the obscene mortgage on it. Chloe joins Clark and says she misses Jimmy. Clark admits he took the easy way out. "I should have been there when you needed me. I'm sorry." Chloe understands that burying everyone he loves in his past isn't easy. Clark says he hasn't done a good job of that. "I've been trying to fill the void by hanging out on rooftops, eavesdropping on people." He thinks he can't completely stay away. Chloe: "Stay away from her, you mean." She thinks Lois means "something more" to him. She looks sad or resigned or tired, or all three, and the music sounds about the same. Clark stares at her in response. Chloe asks, "So does this mean that Clark Kent is coming back for an encore?" He doesn't know, he says, but he can't let that life get in the way of his training. Chloe thinks that pining for his old life isn't exactly helping him be a hero, either. She tells him, "Kal-El needs his human disguise more than ever." Clark wonders why. Chloe tells him about going to Lois's computer earlier. "Tess loaded it up with serious spyware." Clark seems surprised that Tess didn't hire Lois out of the goodness of her heart. Clark and Chloe worry about Tess finding out that Lois went to the future. Chloe says they can't let Tess get to Lois's memories before Clark does. I don't think it's Lois's memory Tess wants to get into.

Daily Planet. It's all sunny and bright outside. Inside, it's kind of dim. Oh, wait. That's just Lois. She picks up John's nameplate off his desk and chucks it in the trash. "Heartless bastard," she says. OK, so he kidnapped you and tried to kill you, but the heartless part wasn't his fault. She opens her desk drawer and pulls out Clark's nameplate. She sighs. Clark is watching her from across the room, unbeknownst to her. "I'm going to be needing that," he says. She turns around with a big grin and runs into his arms. "Clark Kent, you're back! I was beginning to think your family lived on some distant planet." Nah, the planet's gone now. Clark teases her about missing him. She pulls away from him. "Only because the guy at your desk was a certifiable psychopath." "Missed you, too, Lois," he says. Clark takes his spot at his old desk and asks if anything exciting's been happening. Lois says she helped the Blur catch "a homicidal maniac." Clark, just eating this up, says he would love to hear all about it. Lois scampers over to sit on the edge of Clark's desk and gleefully recounts the story. Lighthearted, romantic music plays. So, no one's sympathetic for John, whose life was taken from him and turned him into a monstrous killing machine against his will? No? All right, then.

Luthor mansion. Tess is studying John's now-defunct kryptonite heart. She asks a well-dressed minion, "Can he be revived?" "The subject's operation has left him more machine than man," says the minion. A trumpet blast in the soundtrack at this point is supposed to sound dramatic but I swear it sounds exactly like an indignant elephant. "His vital signs have simply gone offline." Tess just smiles. Stuart walks in just as the well-dressed minion is packing up the krypto-heart. "You have the coolest stuff!" Stuart gushes. Tess lashes out at him about him needing to knock before he enters. Stuart looks like he just pooped himself a little but manages to nod. Tess asks him if he's found the Kandorians. He hands her his computer pad and shows her symbols that showed up all over the world the night Zod and soldiers arrived. They look similar to Kryptonian symbols for blood, nobility, and family. Tess glances over at the Veritas symbol in the stained glass window. "Like a family crest," she says. She thinks it means more of Zod's people are out there. "How many of these did you find?" Stuart says there are hundreds of the symbols, one of which Tess might recognize. He touches the pad and pulls up an image of the Superman S logo burned into a desertous-looking landscape. But wait, there's more! A close-up of the image reveals a man's twisted body at its center. He looks naked and sort of skeletonized. Doomsday? Jor-El? Lex? Jimmy Hoffa! Tess looks stunned, whoever it is.

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