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Mighty Blue

Deaq and Alexa are still flirting. Deaq mentions that Billie is really protective of Alexa, and she says that she and Billie have a history together. Deaq asks if Alexa is talking about regular history or relationship history. Alexa laughs and Deaq asks, "Back in the day, did [Alexa] and Billie bake muffins together?" Well, that's a creative way of putting it. Alexa says that they didn't and laughs again. Alexa asks for Deaq's hand so she can read his fortune. Oh, that's the oldest trick in the book. Alexa says that she sees "a bra clasp opening, and a tongue licking down a neck." Straightforward, isn't she? Deaq is no slouch in that department either, as he takes Alexa's hand and says that he sees "champagne on skin, rolling down to the loveliest places" and "strawberries on [her] lips." How can they say that without cracking up at how ridiculous it sounds? This is why I could never be a phone sex operator. Well, that and a bunch of other reasons.

Alexa suggests that they get out of there, and we cut to the two of them getting it on. Ooh, shirtless Bellamy! I guess they're alternating the shirtless scenes these days. Before things can progress too far, the lights come on and we discover that they were doing it in Billie's office, and Billie and Van just arrived. Deaq is holding Alexa, and her legs are wrapped around his waist. Billie is shocked and disgusted, and stammers, "Were you just...on my desk?" Van just cracks up. Deaq sets Alexa down, and she says that she's leaving. Then, she leaves. Deaq asks Billie if she's mad. Billie says she's not, but she clearly is, which Van confirms. Billie says that she would have hoped Deaq could show some restraint until the case was over. Deaq protests that they are adults, and Billie says that it's not very adult to do it on her desk. Billie says that Alexa is fragile right now. Deaq says she's not, and Van cracks up. Billie says that Deaq is looking at Alexa through his "one-eyed monster" and she totally points at his groinal area. Billie adds that Alexa doesn't need someone like Deaq right now. Deaq asks what Billie's trying to say. Billie tells Deaq to concentrate on the case. Deaq says that what he does on his own time is his own business, and Billie reminds him that while he's working for her, there's no such thing as his own time. Van gets Deaq to leave.

Deaq and Van drive somewhere. Deaq complains about Billie's attitude, and Van tells him not to worry about it. Deaq says Billie doesn't know what Alexa needs, and maybe Alexa and Deaq need each other right now. Deaq concludes, "Just 'cause she split with her man, that don't mean she have to sit on a Shiva, sewing an afghan." Van says that technically you crochet an afghan. And technically, I think you sit Shiva, not sit on a Shiva. Van throws out an extended metaphor about Billie and Alexa being minor-league baseball players, and Alexa got called up to the majors to pitch in the World Series while Billie is still stuck in Duluth. Deaq likes that metaphor, because he got to be the World Series.

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