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Mighty Blue

Billie drops off Alexa at her house and says she should go bail out Van and Deaq. Alexa asks if Billie's going to punch Deaq again. Billie tries to discuss the situation, and Alexa says that she doesn't want to get involved. Billie agrees that it's not Alexa's problem. Alexa gets out and walks into her house. She sets her gun, keys, cell phone, and badge on the counter. She walks into another room, and Jackson is waiting for her. Surprise! Except, not really.

Deaq finally manages to get the phone to dial out. He calls Billie and asks if she's with Alexa. Billie says she just dropped her off. Deaq explains what happened, and Billie pulls a 180 and heads back to Alexa's house.

Alexa tries to reason with Jackson, saying that if he kills a cop, he'll get the death penalty. Jackson pulls out a switchblade and says that Alexa should know that he's not afraid of repercussions. She makes a run for it, but he grabs her and holds the knife to her throat. You'd think she would have training that would deal with exactly this situation, and she would know how to get out of it with a few well-placed kicks and jabs.

Deaq and Van pull up to Alexa's house. They hop out of the car and run into the house, only to find Billie cradling a dead Alexa in her lap. Alexa's throat has been slit. Tiffani tries for sad, but ends up looking like she has to burp. Deaq grabs his head like he has a migraine. The paramedics arrive. Billie gets up and walks out. Deaq tries to stop her, but she just grunts at him. What the hell was that? Deaq says, "No, man." I can't believe someone gets paid to write this dialogue. Deaq flashes back to all of his (like, three) times spent with Alexa and whispers, "No."

In her office, Billie twirls an ashtray on her desk. Van and Deaq slowly walk in and offer their condolences. Billie points at Deaq and says, "Don't." She starts yelling at him. Van tries to get her to stop, but Deaq says that if Billie needs someone to blame, she can blame him. Billie says she does blame Deaq, because Alexa never would have broken cover if not for him. Billie points out that she begged Deaq not to get involved with Alexa. Deaq says that Alexa wouldn't have let Jackson shoot him regardless. Billie gets angry that Deaq is questioning how well she knows her friend. Deaq says that Billie only cares about "procedure and form." Yes, I can see why he'd say that about someone who runs a covert, off-the-books undercover operation. Billie screams that she "gave a damn about [her] friend, Alexa." Well, I'm glad she clarified which friend she was talking about there. Billie screams at Deaq, "You took away my friend! You were the one I thought I could count on, Deaq." Deaq asks if Billie can't count on him, and Billie says she can't anymore. Deaq yells that he had Billie's back "from Jump Street" and I don't even know what that means but I'm going to start saying it anyway. Billie says all that was before Alexa, and now Deaq is just another disappointment. Deaq points out that Billie organized the bust, and the transport to county. Billie asks if Deaq is saying that it's her fault that Alexa died. Deaq is.

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