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Your Own Private Jizzball

Brian drives Mike to Carnegie Mellon in the most popular vehicle in West Hollywood. Mike mutters, "Sexy, perfect body, aloof, desirable, yet unattainable." Brian grins, "Okay, that's enough about me." Yawn. Mike gripes that he was talking about the Silver Surfer, anyway, and that his speech sucks. Brian asks why he's giving it, then. Mike admits that the professor's hot. Brian's interest is piqued. Mike warns him to back off, because he saw The Babe first! Besides which, Mike reminds him, Brian's living with Justin. Brian snorts, "He's living with me." Mike shrugs, "Either way, you're all comfy and cozy. Except when you're fucking other guys." Brian snaps that who he fucks isn't any of Mike's business. Or Justin's, for that matter. When they pull up to the school, Mike panics, and tells Brian to forget about it and drive away. Brian reminds Mike that he's the one who made a commitment, so he's got to go through with it. O! The Irony. Whiny Pouty Boy whines and pouts that he's going to make a fool out of himself. Brian snarls, "Who gives a shit -- it's fucking college!" Yeah; if they're not sneering at you, they'll just be sneering at someone else. At least you'll get to look at Ben while they're doing it. Brian adds, "Now, go show the frat boys what real men are made of, and get me some phone numbers while you're at it." Mike rolls his eyes and gets out of the car.

On his way to class, Mike tries not to be intimidated by his surroundings. Following behind him are three students, one of whom is reading the title of Mike's lecture: "Homoeroticism [sic] Themes and Imagery as Depicted in the Graphic Novel." Her tall male companion drawls that she means "comic book." The girl -- also tall, but redheaded and messy -- snickers, "I can just picture the big essay question on the final: compare and contrast Michel Foucault with Batman and Robin!" They all laugh. One of the guys scoffs, "How can you compare homoerotic imagery in comic books with Gide and Genet?" The only Asian guy in Toronto adds, "Proust or Wilde?" Messy Amazon continues, "Baldwin or Williams?" Mike tries to be as inconspicuous as possible. Tall Guy asks who's giving the lecture. Asian Guy says it's a guy who runs a comic-book store. Messy Amazon sneers, "Well, he should be a real brain trust." Everyone laughs derisively as they walk in the door to the lecture hall. Mike's pretty much frozen at the entrance. Oh, please. They're what --eighteen, twenty, tops? Do they know anything about homoeroticism in popular literature? No. Who does? Mike does. Now go on in there and give your lousy lecture!

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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