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Your Own Private Jizzball

Artistic split screen, showing two different urban street scenes, neither of which have anything to do with...uh, anything. My fear builds. Cut to The Comic Book Store That Dreams Bought, where Emmett and Vic are helping Mike clean up and organize. Vic asks where a comic called The Squid goes. Mike can tell him when it was published, just given the issue number. Everyone marvels at the magnitude of his geektitude. Emmett sighs, "I think they should be classified by the superhero's fashion sense. Superheroes with taste, superheroes that clash --" Vic snerks, "Let's hope they never let you near the Library of Congress." Time for Mike's Daily Grouse. He can't imagine how Buzzy ran the place! Nothing's in order, nothing's catalogued! I'm kind of relieved that they're mentioning this, as are a lot of posters in the forums, I think. There's been a lot of complaints on how the comics were being handled: no cardboard backs, exposing the comics to sunlight, tacking them straight to the wall. I get shivers just thinking about it. Debbie walks in with food and drinks and comments on how dirty the place is, too. Mike is now complaining that he doesn't know what he was thinking even buying the place! Whiny, whiny, whine boy. Debbie couldn't tell him, but she grabs his cheeks and says, "But it's your dream, sweetheart, and that's all that matters." Too bad the drinking game was last week, huh?

And speaking of dreams, check out the one that just walked in the door. Six foot something, blue button-down shirt, blue jeans, beaten brown leather jacket, glasses. Sandy hair, chin cleft. Huh. He strikes me as being somewhat Demon-esque, but I think it's just his build. I'm going to try not to let it squick me out. Emmett gets so distracted by The Babe that he runs into Michael's chair and stubs his toe. Mike's like, the hell's wrong with you? Emmett points out the hunk. Mike checks out the hunk. His eyes get all limpid, and you can almost see the twin hearts reflected in their brown glow. Emmett drawls that he just loves the bookish type. Yeah, me too. Unfortunately, they tend to get so caught up in the abstract that the real world holds little appeal for them. Which is a problem if you happen to live in the real world. Which is why I finally gave up on that type two years ago, in a train station in Philadelphia. I like men who pay attention. Ah, yes, melancholy memories. Just in time for Valentine's Day. Vic adds, "There's so much to learn between the covers." What the hell? Didn't Scott tell me that Gale's intern got fired? Vic asks whether they think The Babe's gay. Emmett says nay, because of the clothes. Mike's not so sure: "Superman, Batman, Sandman. If he picks up an X-Men comic, I say he's gay." I know some geek boys from my high school and college days who might have a little problem with that reasoning, but whatever. Vic decides to go with "comic sense over fashion sense."

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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