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Your Own Private Jizzball

Debbie's. The Usual Suspects sit around the kitchen table as Debbie asks about Justin's meeting with the Dean of Doom. Justin replies that he's allowed to stay in school. Everyone claps, cheers, and/or gets in line to hug/kiss the child. Brian smirks, "What's with all the kissing? Are you trying to turn him straight?" Brian shows them how it's done, and Debbie rolls her eyes, grousing, "Oh, shit, they're going to do it right here." Vic nods, "I'll get my camera." Hee! Mike snerks that "maybe they should save it for Ted's website." Ted's game. Brian tells Mike not to "put any ideas in [Ted's] head." Vic snorts, "Or mine." Love. Me. Some. Vic. He's totally forgiven for the "covers" remark earlier. Melanie gasps, turning to Lindsay, "Maybe we could do it. Help pay for the wedding. Whaddaya think, Teddy?" Ted's all, yeah. Grow a dick first. Uh, Ted? She already has one bigger than yours. Lindsay's getting uncomfortable; she snaps at this group of people that she's known an average of ten years -- at Brian, for the love of God -- can they can talk about something other than sex? They all look at her, thinking, "Have we met?" And then no one has anything else to talk about. What are they going to talk about? They look at each other. Anyone? No? Emmett's all, forget it: "If the twink jerks off for more than eight hours, does he get overtime?" I thought a twink was a cute boy, and Robbie's...well, scruffy. Is any gay guy under thirty considered a twink? Anyway. I guess they would know. I'm still kind of new here, myself.

Justin gets up to clear the dishes, and nods at Brian to grab some, too. Brian grins, picks up the plates, and squeaks, "Yes, dear." The table looks at them in awe. Debbie snorts, "Holy crap, they're like fucking newlyweds!" Melanie never thought she'd live to see the day. St. L. thinks it's wonderful. Ted sighs, yeah, "Ten bucks says they don't last a month." Ha! He is a romantic. Vic gives it three weeks. Mike's like, no, he's the romantic, and gives them five weeks. Ted starts writing down the bets. Emmett shrugs and says to put him in for two weeks. Melanie throws some cash in and laughs, "God, you're all pussies! Seventy-two hours!" Ted asks Debbie if she's in. Debbie sniffs that she's not going to "put a price on people's happiness," adding, "Considering all they've been through, I'd think that their friends would vote for the house, instead of against it." Oh, wah. Spoilsport. Ted says that's a good point, but asks Lindsay if she's in, anyway. Lindsay frowns that she and Mel have to go. Right now. Mel's like, hey, what about dessert? Lindsay gets all WASPy on her about Gus's babysitter. Mel shrugs in apology at everyone, and follows her fiancée out the door.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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