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Your Own Private Jizzball

As they walk to the car, Melanie asks what's up. Lindsay grits that she's fine. With a barely straight face, Melanie clears her throat and asks, "Cramps?" Is it wrong that I wondered that, too? Lindsay snaps some more, and Melanie snorts, "You're crankier than Gus when he needs a nap." Lindsay explains she just needed to get out of Debbie's. Melanie's all, is it the tchotchkes? Because they drive Melanie crazy, too. Wow. Melanie must really like sleeping on the couch. Lindsay gripes that it's "the constant stream of sexual innuendo" that's driving her crazy. Now it's driving her crazy? For one thing, she knew Brian wa-ay before the Alleged Firing of The Intern. The man can't get through a scene without throwing off five bad puns and a sexual reference. And God help us all if he's drunk. Lindsay further gripes that she didn't think Melanie's joke about getting married on Ted's website was funny. At all! Melanie doesn't even pretend to take that seriously, and asks, "When did you become such a prude?" Lindsay says that she's not a prude! Okay, maybe she is. A little. Mel's all, um, yeah. Lindsay continues, "I don't understand people spreading their legs for the whole world to see! The idea of anyone I know being a part of it really bothers me." Shyeah. Try recapping it. Melanie seems somewhat disturbed by Lindsay's statement, and rubs her hand thoughtfully over her chin.

The Comic Book Store that Dreams Bought. The Babe's back. Mike laughs that he couldn't have possibly gone through all those comics Mike gave him already. Babe grins, "Yeah, well, I'm pretty fast. I mean, I read quickly." Welcome to QAF. Soon you'll be tossing off remarks like that without a care in the world. Babe adds, "Life's too short. Who knows what might happen tomorrow -- or even five minutes from now?" Foreshadowing shows up and rummages through my kitchen for a bottle opener. Mike's like, yeah, uh huh, do you need anything else? He's a bit flippant for someone in the presence of such Babeliness. Perhaps Mike has grown to mistrust physical beauty because of the Demon. I know I have. The Babe finally introduces himself as Ben Bruckner. He teaches Gay Studies at Carnegie Mellon. Mike exclaims that he knew it: "With all that talk about cultural references, I knew you had to be...uh, a professor." Nice save. Ben eventually gets to his point; his class looks at gay cultural references through the ages, including modern comics, so he came to the store to do some research. Mike looks disappointed that that's all Ben's there for, but says he'd be happy to help. Ben says he's already found what he wants. Mike waits hopefully. Ben says he'd like Mike to give a lecture to his class. Mike laughs. I'm laughing right now. Ben continues that Mike is obviously a comics expert, which Mike shrugs off. Ben grins, "When you talk about them, you have a passion. So, whaddaya say? Will you come?" All of a sudden, Mike's face fades into a comic book panel, and a little balloon pops up over his head, which says, "Oh, Ben, take me away with you!" Huh? Where did that come from? Ohhkay. Mike bounces back to reality, and says that he'd love to!

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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