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Your Own Private Jizzball

Justin and Daphne walk back to the loft, sharing a joint. In public. In the middle of the sidewalk. Um? Duh Alert in Aisle Nine. Daphne complains that her roommates never clean up. Justin says that "we" have a cleaning lady that comes by twice a week. Daphne complains that there's never any hot water when it's her turn to use the shower. Justin and Brian shower together. Daphne giggles, and it's just like old times. We even both have the afro puff thing going on. Seriously, that and this Queens College sweatshirt I'm wearing are the only way to get through these recaps comfortably. Daphne says that her roommates play their music so loud, she can't even hear herself think. Justin says it sounds terrible. Daphne giggles that it's great, actually. Ah, the fresh breeze of independence! Justin says he's glad he's living with Brian, anyway. Daphne reminds him to not get too comfortable. Justin shrugs that Brian's changed, and tells her about Zucchini Man. He says that usually Brian would have left Justin "in the checkout line" for some illicit nookie, but not this time. Oh, yeah. What a guy. Daphne points out that it's obvious that Justin was checking Zucchini Man out, too, though. Justin laughs that he's at his sexual peak, after all. And Justin's so high, he almost passes the building. Daphne and Justin giggle all the way up to the loft and through the door, and Justin picks up a green apple off the floor. They're still giggling when they find Brian having sex with Zucchini Man on the sofa. Then the giggling stops. Justin tries to plaster an accepting smile on his face, but his eyes aren't having it.

Liberty Diner. At the counter, Ted's working on his books, Mike's working on his lecture, and Emmett's saying that he told Ted so: "I told you that you needed something bigger -- didn't I tell him? -- but you wouldn't listen." Neither Mike nor Ted is listening now, either. Ted finally mutters that if he doesn't come up with something, he's going to lose everything. Emmett scoffs, "I might as well be an invisible man. Or worse, a mime." He starts pretending to be a mime, but it looks more like he's voguing. Oh, great. Now that song's stuck in my head. Mike asks Ted whether he should start his lecture with a joke. The joke? "How can you tell if a superhero is gay? His boots match his purse." Gawd. Emmett laughs. Ted says it's not funny. Mike agrees that it stinks. Now Emmett's pissed: "Is no one going to acknowledge my presence?" Ted asks him to pass the jam. Mike asks him to pass the cream. Emmett deliberately passes the cream to Ted and the jam to Mike. Mike and Ted look up and snort. Ted shakes his head, "He never listens." Emmett eats his bacon in frustration. Debbie walks up with the coffee pot, penis fixation at the ready,and crows, "Okay, get 'em up, boys! The coffee cups, that is."

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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