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Poor Old Orpheus

Linden, and to her credit it's very cute, just kind of shrugs with a half smile, because of course she was supposed to say that. And, to both their credit, Christina just shakes her head with a sort of rueful affection about how Linden ... constantly is.


Mayor: "Oh, does your face hurt from where you endangered our whole conspiracy for a pointless fight with that wormy kid?"
Abani: "Yeah, you go ahead and fire me. I dare you."
Mayor: "Because we are so close, man!"



While Jamie continues to avoid calls updating him on Darren's status, Stan overhears the boys discussing their need for homemade weapons, in light of his continued failures as a man, husband and father. Finally, he decides that the most powerful choice he can choose is to go back to the police station and whine at whoever is around... Which ends up being Holder, despite Holder's attempts to avoid him.

Holder: "Look, I know we're short-handed and you need a patrol car, but in the interim you can just call if..."
Stan: "Uh, my dead daughter's bloody backpack is hand-delivered to my house, and you're saying Call us if something suspicious happens?"

On this show, you take your laughs where you can get them. That was a pretty awesome line, however he said it.


With that exchange ringing in his ears, Holder meets up with Sloane to discuss the backpack. Thinking this is like Season One and he can come clean to his partner and superiors with nothing but a graceful thanks, he walks right into the worst shitstorm since Belko started taking hostages. It's so sad and so ugly.

Holder: "Um, Oakes totally lied about the backpack and I know that because I stole it. Which makes me think Richmond -- and hold the phone, because this is massive -- maybe didn't kill Rosie. If only Linden were here and we could compare notes, but you've already alienated me from both her and our lieutenant."
Sloane: "Richmond is the doer! Stop asking questions! Move on!"
Holder: "Um, I think we should talk to IA about Oakes and..."
Sloane: "-- STFU. Shut up right now and stop talking before you..."
Holder: "But what?"

"You've tipped it. The whole elaborate put-on, you've officially endangered yourself in this context. I will now be coming clean about what's really going on, which is that you were put into Homicide by me to run plays for the conspiracy, with the knowledge that if you ever went nuclear -- mentioned IA or pulled Oakes out into the open for protecting you -- it wouldn't matter anyway, because you are carny trash with a meth habit that not one single person could ever value or love. Except maybe Linden, who went from kinda hating you to totally hating you when you dropped those fake pictures. Which, my friend, you knew were fake, but you wanted your badge and you thought it was just a corner-cut, not a frame job. Get me? Because you need to know this other part of it, which is that those photos were requisitioned with Sarah Linden's badge number. You are both tied up in this together, forever. So if you decide to pin that on me, well, you're screwing Linden over. Now get the fuck out of my car. I never loved you and if I see you again I'll kill you, or something."

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The Killing




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