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New Moon Rising

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New Moon Rising

The gang has split up, and Riley and Buffy are making camp in the burned-out remains of Sunnydale High. She frets about things, and Riley says that it's him the Initiative is most interested in finding. He suggests they'll be safe for the night, and he'll figure out the rest of his plan later. Buffy comes to sit next to him and suggests that they had a big day, ending with Riley becoming a fugitive. He replies that he's sad it ended the way it did, but happy that it's over. He then tells her that he was being a bigot about Oz earlier, but Buffy shakes her head. She assures him that he was just "thrown" and, obviously relating to her recent experience of discovering Willow's feelings for Tara, she says his reaction was understandable. Riley muses that he used to be in a black-and-white space, but he has learned differently. Buffy decides that the moment for Angel-revelation has come and seriously addresses Riley, telling him she needs to tell him some things about her past, some of which he may not like. He looks at her and says, "You can tell me anything," and Buffy replies, "I think so. I think I can."

Okay, here's the scene I've been dreading. Willow and Oz are sitting in his van. She's surprised that the van looks so good, considering that he "drove it overseas." Oz explains that the van was garaged for most of his trip. They sit sadly and quietly, and Oz muses that he shouldn't have returned, because he hasn't changed like he thought he had. Willow insists that he has changed, and that she saw him control the wolf. Oz doesn't look directly at her as he explains that, somehow, she's the one thing that brings the wolf out in him. Actually, I'd say it was your own jealousy rather than Willow, Oz, but since it's your last scene and all, let's not quibble. Willow tries to take the blame for upsetting him, and Oz jokingly hopes that she'll never upset him again. As Willow starts to mist up, Oz gently asks if she's happy, and she replies that she is. She says she missed him and wrote him letters that she never had the chance to send. She tries to explain that she "couldn't live like that," and Oz says he was stupid to think that she'd just be waiting for him. Willow says she was waiting for him and in some way, she always will be. She tells him, "If I'm old and blue-haired and I turn the corner in Istanbul, and there you are, I won't be surprised." Oz smiles and understands. He says now is not the time for them, and Willow agrees. He stares at her with tears in his eyes and tells her that he has to leave town, "pretty much now." Willow nods and they hug, both crying. I know that Seth Green allegedly wanted to leave to pursue his movie "career" but c'mon -- is the prospect of Idle Hands 2 that compelling? One would think that weekly exposure on a show like Buffy could only help him. Seth, don't bite the hand that fames you.

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