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New Moon Rising

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New Moon Rising

Spike is resting in his crypt as the camera pans around and an ugly green arm is thrust into the frame above him. Spike grabs the arm in mid-air and with eyes still closed says, "By the sound of those massive mud-flaps I peg you as a demon, which means you're in for a world of pain." He finishes without quite as much bravado once he opens his eyes and catches sight of that big hunk of Frankenflop, Adam. Spike quickly gets up, and Adam says that he wants Spike to accompany him. Spike feigns agreement but pulls back to punch Adam in the gut. Since the punch doesn't faze Adam at all but leaves Spike shaking the sting out of his fist, we are supposed to be reminded once more that Adam is rilly rilly strong and his superpower is actually not the uncanny ability to bore everyone within view to death. Adam tells Spike that they are going to help each other with their respective problems. I know I would still hate him, but I wonder if my hatred would be quite so fervent if Adam didn't bear such an unfortunate resemblance to the Flash on Dawson's Creek?

Willow, still wearing the same clothes from yesterday, shows up at Tara's door. She's come to explain that she and Oz merely talked all night long. Tara valiantly offers to step aside, and then tells Willow that whatever happens with Oz, she will still be Willow's friend. Willow sounds shocked at the prospect that they wouldn't be friends. Tara attempts to explain, saying that she knows how important Oz is to Willow, but Willow says that she herself doesn't know what to think anymore. Because she knows how essential they are for good ratings, Willow squeezes a few tears out whilst trying to explain how complicated her feelings are. Tara brushes a tear off of Willow's cheek and tells her to "do what makes [her] h-h-h-h-happy." At least I assume that's what she said. Amber Benson was almost swallowing her own tongue there so I can't be sure. Which is not to say that I'm making fun of people who stutter, but that if Amber is going to affect a stutter, she could at least do a convincing one. In any case, Willow throws herself into Tara's arms. I must say that Willow's got it pretty good in this love triangle. Relatively speaking, of course. Both Oz and Tara are telling her to do what's best for her, unlike every similar situation I've ever been in. This just proves that I need to date guys like Oz. This is not a new revelation.

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