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New Moon Rising

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New Moon Rising

Spike has apparently been briefed on Adam's plan and says that it sounds like fun. I can't say that I'm sorry to have missed that scene. Adam explains that "total annihilation of the humans doesn't help [him]," and that he wants heavy damages to both sides of the conflict. Spike questions how the Slayer figures into Adam's plan (Spike has quite the little Buffy fixation, doesn't he?), and Adam says she'll be a "champion" for the humans. Spike replies that although Buffy is a "whiney little thing," she often wins. Adam (is that sarcasm I hear in his voice?) says that in that case Spike should be on the Slayer's side. Spike seeks confirmation from Adam that after the conflict his chip will be removed and Adam agrees, "Scout's honor." At Spike's asking whether Adam was a Boy Scout, Adam replies that "parts" of him were. As one of our smart, funny posters pointed out on the Buffy forums, Adam is a charisma-suck, managing to make even a scene with Spike seem dull. Am I the only one that doesn't understand Adam's motivation? I think that's part of the reason he's been so ineffective as a villain. The Master wanted to suck a whole bunch of blood. He's a vampire, so I get that. Angel turned evil because he lost his soul and starting killing off Buffy's friends and friends' fish so, obviously, she had to do him in. I'm not sure why the Mayor wanted to turn into a big snake but maybe he didn't know about that part, and in any case the promise of world dominance is a heady thrill so, sure, I can take that in good faith. But Adam? He doesn't want to decimate the human race, but instead wants Buffy to "champion" the humans' cause. Why don't they just hold an Arthurian tournament and joust for dominance? It certainly wouldn't be any sillier than the non-plotline they're currently exploring. Plus, we might get to see Spike in a codpiece, strumming a lute and singing "My Way."

Willow is in the library, slumped over her books and looking sad. Tara rushes in, and they move out into a hallway to talk. Tara tries to explain what happened with Oz -- that he changed into the wolf while talking with her; Willow is surprised because it's still daylight. Willow asks if Tara is okay, but doesn't even ask about Oz. Tara says she's fine, but explains that Oz was captured by Riley and the commandos, who aren't aware of his identity. Willow realizes what this could mean, and rushes off to find Buffy. Tara looks after her sadly.

At Giles's house, Willow is explaining to Giles, Buffy, Xander, and Anya what occurred with Oz and Tara. Anya utters one of her usual un-funny "candid" comments, which distresses Willow. Xander utters one of his condescendingly unfunny reproaches to Anya. This week, Anya is wearing a pink and cream sweater set that looks like a reject from a matronly woman's closet circa 1963. In the background, Buffy dials Giles's phone and then hangs up in frustration. Giles expositions that the gang will have to break into the Initiative. Xander snarks that it would be great if one of them was dating someone on the inside, then gestures at Buffy and says, "Oooh, wait!" Buffy shakes her head sadly and says that she can't get Riley to answer her pages and they'll have to make their plan without him.

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