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New Moon Rising

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New Moon Rising

In the Initiative, naked Oz is locked in a glass-fronted white cell like the one Spike inhabited in "The Initiative." Oz crouches in a corner, shivering. He hears a noise of a door opening, and when he raises his head, we see that he's badly bruised and cut on his face and shoulders. Riley enters Oz's cell and gives him some clothes to put on. He then helps Oz limp through the darkened compound. Suddenly the lights come up and Riley and Oz are surrounded by troops with their guns leveled. Forrest and Graham approach Riley and Forrest sneers, "End of the line." Riley stares and clenches his jaw.

Colonel McNamara enters an office and approaches a cell which contains Riley. Riley stands at attention as the Colonel unlocks the cell door. Riley asks for permission to speak, which the Colonel denies him, instead giving him a lecture about his exemplary record and how it all went to hell when he met the Slayer. He says Riley has shown signs of disloyalty, and he's angry that Riley attempted to release a HST. Riley attempts to explain about Oz, calling him a person, but the Colonel shuts him down, telling Riley that he's up for a court-martial for his "involvement with the Slayer and her band of freaks." He calls Riley an anarchist and offers him the chance to redeem himself by helping to foil Buffy's plans. He snaps that Riley's a traitor and that "no woman is worth that." Somehow the Colonel doesn't strike me as someone who has much interest in women. After the Colonel leaves, Riley looks sad and clenches his jaw some more.

In the woods, the Slayer and her "band of freaks" look for the back entrance to the Initiative. Buffy and Willow are wearing lab coats, and Spike and Xander have on Army sweaters. Buffy threatens Spike with death if he's scamming them, but he protests he wouldn't be wearing the military gear if he weren't serious. Will tells him he looks like an "evil olive." They find the door, hidden behind some bushes, and Spike approaches. In his lair, Adam has swiveled back the plate on his head and jacked in some sort of computer connection. He surveys maps on a monitor. Adam types something, and Spike opens the gate, sniping that no one in Sunnydale "minds their locks." Buffy tells him to go first. We see Adam looking over more maps and then his computer beeps in alert. At Giles's, Anya is sitting in front of a laptop typing away. Giles bites his fingers anxiously and dictates instructions to her. Because it's so very easy to leave detailed instructions as to the best way to hack into the mainframe of a secret military organization. He tells her to take some action that will shut down the electricity for the campus. She types something in, as does Adam. Adam's monitor displays lettering that reads, "Emergency powerdown in progress." I'm not sure, but I get the impression that, from the juxtaposition of these scenes, we're supposed to believe that Giles and Anya are actually hacking into Adam, who in turn is the one who is actually controlling the Initiative's computers.

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