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New Moon Rising

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New Moon Rising

Buffy and the gang are in some Initiative hallway when the lights go down. Emergency lighting comes back up, much fainter. The lights go out at Giles's, and Anya smiles proudly in front of her product-placed G3 Apple lap top. She puts up her hand for a high-five and tells Giles to slap it, but he doesn't understand. He then slaps her hand and she yelps in pain. I vote that the writers replace any more scenes this season containing Anya with scenes of Giles singing.

Buffy breaks into the Colonel's quarters and levels her crossbow at him as he fumbles around in bed. She demands the Colonel take her to "him," but he misunderstands and tells her, "Finn stays in the brig." As Buffy looks surprised, the Colonel tells her that she'll only make matters worse for Riley, since he tried to help an HST escape. Buffy finally figures out that Riley tried to help Oz, just as the Colonel figures out who Buffy is actually there for. Buffy tells him to get dressed. A change of scene. Buffy walks casually down a hallway, past a soldier-boy. As she passes him, she drops a stake, and when he leans down to pick it up, she kicks him in the face. She grabs his keycard and opens the door, freeing Riley from the brig. He attempts to ask her how she got there, but she tells him to concentrate on escaping. Riley stops her and says, "If I leave now, I can't ever come back." They stare intensely at each other and then Riley relaxes and amends, "I just wanted to hear that out loud." He follows her out of the room. The gang marches through the halls, Buffy and Riley in the lead; Buffy has her crossbow trained on the Colonel's head. As they come around a corner, they run into a commando patrol, which orders them to stop. We see Oz stand up in his glass-fronted cell, and then another group of commandos runs up behind the rescuers. Buffy tells them all to stay back, threatening to "pull a William Burroughs" on the Colonel. Everybody looks confused, and Xander asks if that means she'll "bore them to death with free prose." Buffy wonders if she was the only one paying attention in English class, and then clarifies that she means to kill the Colonel. She instructs one of the commandos to release Oz, which he does. As Oz steps out of his cell, Willow rushes towards him, but he tells her to keep back. Her presence is causing him to lose control of the wolf. Willow backs away and Riley goes to Oz, helping him to limp out. The commandos follow as the whole gang, with Buffy still holding the Colonel, get into the elevator.

As the elevator ascends, Riley, jaw clenched, stares at the Colonel. The elevator arrives at Lowell house, and everybody except Buffy, Riley, and the Colonel exit. Riley sabotages the control panel and clenches his jaw real hard. Riley and Buffy exit the elevator, and the paunchy Colonel tells Riley he's a "dead man." Riley replies that no, he's an anarchist, and socks the Colonel in the face.

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