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The Shapeshifters of Things To Come

Olivia gets to the roof, and finds one dead agent and another one wounded and leaning against an air conditioner. Nadine is nowhere in sight, and -- oh, come ON, Olivia. Don't put your gun away! She radios for paramedics for Agent Warrick here. He groans, "She jumped," and Olivia goes over to the edge of the roof and looks down into the water, which is still roiling. I mean, obviously since we didn't see Nadine get away, she just shapeshifted into Agent Warrick here, right? Olivia! This is common shapeshifter-fighting knowledge!

In the aftermath, Olivia goes to get a statement from Truss. "What that... thing said about Karen... it's true, isn't it? She's dead?" Olivia tells him that police found his wife in her home this morning. She says she's sorry, but Truss blames himself. "'Some things are not ours to tamper with,'" he says. This twigs with Olivia, who says, "Excuse me?" and he just says it was something someone once said to him that he didn't understand at the time, but does now.

They're interrupted by Lincoln Lee, who tells Olivia that the dive team just found a body. She rushes to the water, where they watch as a very soggy, very translucent-skinned Agent Warrick is dredged up. Olivia gets on her radio and yells, "Get dispatch on the line. We need all available units on that ambulance now!"

Said ambulance is askew on the side of a road in the woods, driver dead. A state trooper carefully makes his way, gun drawn, to the back, which is empty. Lucky for him, because that means he lives.

Back at the Federal Building, the agents putter around with reports and paperwork, with an agent named Jill giving Olivia the hourlies she asked for. Lee seems a little down, and Olivia assures him that they're going to find the shapeshifter: "Look at how much more we know now than we did this morning," she says. Lee doesn't seem too convinced, a little distracted. Olivia asks if he wants to get a bite to eat, and Lee -- apparently a STRONGER MAN THAN I -- turns her down and says he's going back to the hotel. It's not like Olivia made it clear to him that it might be a little less than friendly, but she looks sufficiently bummed to me that I think it's safe to say she's a little curious about the Lincoln Log. Throwing herself at Lee to try to keep her from thinking too much about how Peter's arrival is getting to her? And then Special Agent Jill comes by again, giving Olivia the hourlies she asked for. "Didn't we just do this?" asks Olivia, smiling -- but Jill has no idea what she's talking about. And when Olivia goes to show her that she already brought the hourlies, they're no longer on the desk where Olivia set them down. And now it's Olivia's turn to stand there looking confused.

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