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The Shapeshifters of Things To Come

But he wants to ask Olivia about why this mystery man has clearly gotten to her: "You didn't ask me to take him that tech because you had a dentist's appointment," says Lincoln Lee. Olivia says she can sort of see why Walter might have been seeing visions of Peter if he's some iteration of his son from another universe, but why was he in her dreams?

Before they can have THAT discussion, they get the word about what's gone down in Rutland. Once there, they watch the security video of Truss paying for the gas, looking more like an accomplice than a kidnap victim, which is when they realize that Truss might not even know he's with a shapeshifter. It's kind of sad that it's only just now occurring to them. Our universe is NEVER going to be saved.

Nadine turns the lights on in a warehouse outfitted with an automated tissue microarray -- I circled one in the Sears Christmas catalogue this year, hoping my wife takes the hint -- blood-gas analyzer, centrifuges... all of it built by the people she works for according to the specifications in his file.

It's right to work for the doctor, who really doesn't seem to be questioning this. He takes a sliver of a sample of the tissue in Nadine's chest, marveling at how well it seems to be adapting. "Considering the extent of the grafting, it's lucky your body didn't reject it. The fact that you're even alive is nothing short of a miracle," he says. Nadine barely looks to be holding it together, but she says that would make Truss a miracle worker, since the grafts were based on his research.

Truss says he never thought he'd say this, but he wishes William Bell were still alive to see her. He's still bitter about Bell shutting down the project. "And all he could say was, 'Some things are not ours to tamper with. Some things... are God's.'" You can just picture Nimoy gravelly intoning that, can't you? Nadine tells Truss that one man shouldn't stand in the way of progress, not even William Bell, but before the two of them can start making out, Truss's computer beeps. He's found the source of the cellular degeneration: her genome isn't fully propagating through the artificial tissues. She asks if he can fix it. Happy that this day has come, he confidently says that he can.

But Walter's got shit going on too! He's -- uh -- he appears to be whipping up some eggs. But hold on! Maybe they're eggs that allow people to time-travel! We won't find out, though, because Nina shows up in the lab, much to Walter's non-delight, and Nina acknowledges she's probably the last person in the world he'd want to see right now, but Olivia said he's not doing so well. Way to rat Olivia out, Nina. Walter ignores her and continues whipping his eggs. "This man claiming to be your son, Walter -- if there was ever a time to try to get past our differences, it seemed like now," she says.

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