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Airport. "Just because you're 5'5" and on steroids," yap yap yap. It's pretty ugly, but my favorite part is where Bolo calls Kendra "Mouth." Because...exactly. You don't know the half of it, dude.

Anyway, we then find ourselves in Berlin. Where, as it turns out, El Hornio has a hard time not following the "stop following me!" tirade from Spazpants with a little more needling of some kind. On the train to the Berlin Wall, Rebecca asks El Hornio not to go starting anything. Man, there's a fight I would have enjoyed seeing. Can you imagine those two guys going at it? All screaming and crying...awesome. I'm telling you, Rebecca ruins everything. Hornio discusses the fact that Jonathan hates Rebecca, but they further agree that she doesn't care about being hated by Jonathan. Yeah, me, neither.

In a piece of footage that's kind of hard to explain -- because there's nothing wrong with it, and yet Hayden comes off badly in it -- she explains that she only knew the Berlin Wall from pictures, and that she was expecting something more "magnificent." On the one hand, it really is just a wall, so...yeah. But on the other hand, something about this makes it sound like she thought there would be a gift shop and a Ferris wheel, so that's a little odd as well. "Big piece of history," she adds, trying to sound grave, probably hoping it won't come off quite so much like she expected it to be more entertaining.

Beer and brats Detour. Remember how Gus dug the beer? In the car after they leave, he insists to Hera that the beer was "low-alcohol." Oh, and he was thirsty. Hera's in the back seat rolling her eyes, like, "Oy." He insists that he once had a beer named after him, and that he spent six months doing taste tests, so he knows weak beer when he tastes it. You know, I remember breaking it to my mother that if she was buying beer in the grocery store in our state, she was evidently buying 3.2 beer, which she wasn't even aware of, because you can't buy real beer in the grocery store here. (The reasons why are political and complicated. Don't ask, unless you want to spend a thousand years studying Minnesota legislative history.) Maybe Gus is used to drinking on the frozen tundra.

Stupid soapbox derby Roadblock no one cares about. Worst Roadblock ever, quite possibly. No one even crashed and had to be removed from their little toy car with the Handsaw of Life.

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