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Bungee! Girl power! Zzzzzing! As Rebecca gets strapped in, El Hornio asks Bolo whether he "wimped out" of doing the Roadblock. Bolo adopts a clichéd, effeminate, quite possibly Adamesque voice as he lisps, "I wimped out on this, I just don't want to do anything that's so scary." Lisping is a little bit over, there, Bolo, but I see what you're getting at, and it's pretty cool that El Hornio is laughing, apparently unaware that he will later be seen on television screaming for his Mommy at a moment of weakness. As Rebecca is about to go, El Hornio asks her if he can have her PowerBars if she dies. And Bolo would like to know whether she has a living will. Hee hee. "Everyone, suck it!" she yells. And...I am generally annoyed by her, but...exactly. Sometimes in life, there is simply nothing that can compete with, "Everyone, suck it!" Recognizing those moments is one of the keys to happiness. I know some of you will not agree with me. To you, I say, "Everyone, suck it!" See?

Budapest. Remember the little Trabants? It turns out that, before they could leave, the teams had to fill them up with gas, which we didn't even get to see the first time. When Jon goes to open their container of gas, it splashes up and gets the front of his pants good and soaked. There is a brief silence. "Sweet," he finally says with good-natured sarcasm. Kris laughs and says, "That sucks," already heading for the backpacks to help him out. He gets out of his pants (yay!), while Kris unearths a pair of shorts from his pack. They're still laughing as he changes clothes. Lori and Bolo, on the other hand, argue as they try to fill the tank. The really brilliant part is that, somehow, they manage to cut the sequence so that it looks like Bolo locks Lori under the hood. But not in a mean way. It's hard to explain, but you have to believe me -- really funny. Oh, and before they leave, Hornio has to argue about the car, because Adam wants to check the tires and so forth, and Rebecca thinks that's a big boring boo-hoo thing, because who cares whether your tires are about to explode? She is a great example of a person who is not funny, but is incredibly disruptive because she thinks she is. I would swat her with a tennis racquet if only I had one. Well, and if I could travel into my TV, which I guess is the bigger stumbling block, physics-wise.

By far the best new driving footage is that of Jon scooting the car along with his foot. "Everybody outta my way!" he calls as the car inches along and Kris laughs and laughs. "Meeeeet the Flintstones," she sings from the back seat. "I did the Flintstone thing to figure it out," he agrees. And she laughs in the back seat, now possessed by a serious and unmanageable case of the giggles. "Is this the right way?" he asks her. "Yeah," she chokes out, still laughing. I love people who reduce me to that state, so I'm thinking they're both lucking out in this relationship. Love them! (In case you couldn't tell.) (Sometimes, I am all cryptic and shit.)

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