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In one of the best pieces of new stuff in the entire episode, we watch as Lena and Kristy approach the pit stop in Norway, and Kristy says that they need to get out the makeup. "I am not going to have nude lips when I see Phil," she says flatly. Kristy goes on to say, "We're putting lippy on [hee] because Phil," she says, dragging out the word "Phil" just a tad, "is a Choo-Choo Charlie and a class act." And mad props to the Eagle-Eyed Forum Poster who nabbed that as a Saturday Night Live Molly Shannon reference, which is not surprising, once you think about it. Of course, they cut directly from this to a nice shot of Phil smiling. And you know, Phil really is a Choo-Choo Charlie and a class act. I'd put lippy on, too. In fact, wait -- I do.

Aaaanyway, in old news, Kris and Jon finish first, and Meredith and Maria are out. We miss them. The AYL escorts us to Sweden in the laid-back way it has picked up during its travels in Scandinavia. Now, we get to see Rebecca begging the price of a sandwich off a random guy she meets on the train. She is employing the full "You know and I know you will not get sex, but I will let you think about it for thirty seconds if you buy me something" form of manipulation that has been working for men and women both since the fairy-tale days, when it was used to acquire domesticated dragons. Unfortunately, when Rebecca tries to get a piece of pizza for El Hornio, the guy draws the line, because that is not part of the script. There is no food for boyfriends. When Rebecca returns to the little compartment with her sandwich, El Hornio tells her he overheard the whole exchange, and he pouts about how he knows she begged food for herself and got nothing for him. Rebecca first offers him "a bite," and then "some bread," and then finally, after he's already said no, she moves up to offering him half. "I'm happy that you're hot and that everybody wants to buy you something," he says unhappily. She snort-laughs most unappealingly and doesn't even stop chewing. I have no idea how he resists her.

At the ice bar, we get to see Jonathan try to jump up on the ice sculpture of a bull, which results in his snapping off parts of it, including the horns. "Sorry!" he calls out weakly. He claims in a cab interview that he felt terrible when he snapped off the horns and the tail. I suppose that, since they were made of ice, it never occurred to him that fragility might be an issue. And how would it. I mean, would they make cubes out of ice if it were a fragile substance? "I made an idiot out of myself," he says, offering the single comment he will put forth during the entire race with which I can wholeheartedly agree, except that he seems to be referring to a specific incident.

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