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Kara comes out of Dualla's Raptor and down onto the wing. Sam launches toward her; Apollo stands on the wing, watching. Dualla approaches him, staring him down. He runs to her, one eye on Sam and Kara embracing. Four pairs of eyes close in relief and complicated love, and open again. Lee and Kara look at each other, in Sam and Dee's arms. The math here isn't so bad: this episode was about Kara and Dee's peace, and Lee and Sam's peace. We've nearly solved the problem. By TV/this show rules, all we need is A) one episode where Dee and Sam get drunk and talk about what fuckholes their spouses are, and then B) maybe Kara and Lee beat each other up one more time, and then C) it'll be okay. Stop bitching. If you can't hate the Cylons anymore, and I can't have my Boomer anymore, and Laura Roslin doesn't seem interested in getting me back on her side, then I'm sorry, but: the weird sex tension between Kara and Lee is like the only original theme left on this whole show. You can still hate the Cylons if you want, it's not actually a huge deal for me, I'm just saying this is where I stop being polite and start getting real. Not that I was all that sensitive about protecting the feelings of Cylon haters before, I grant you, but at this point I just feel like it's blatantly resisting the point, and I can't cater. Like the show or don't, but don't complain that it's not what you signed up for. You signed up for a story, and you're getting a story. An awesome one. Don't freak out like a shipper just because it's not the story you were expecting.

Door number three! Another Raptor cracks open: Sharon, holding Hera. Helo laughs, heartbreakingly, and holds his daughter. For the first time in his life. With his wife by his side. They smile tenderly at each other, and she gets hardcore; he already knows the score. "We have to get her to Doc Cottle right away," she says, and with that, he's ready to go, to the sound of a hundred guns drawn, and sharp Marine barks: it's Caprica, standing on the wing, terrified, knowing she did this to herself for the glory of the Cylon, willing to take her lumps. Again. Sharon throws herself in front of Caprica, shouting. "Hold your fire! Hold your fire. She helped us escape." Tigh is very mean and angry, both of them understandable, as he tells Sharon -- addressing her as "Lieutenant," and I know there's nothing else for him to call her, but it still warms my heart -- to get the frack out of the way. Helo holds out hand, calling her name, and she runs off with him to take care of Hera. Which was part of the deal, and Caprica knows that. She knows all of it. She is a hero. She comes down into enemy custody, the Marines close rank around her; Tigh conducts them to You Know Where. This is going to be the best season ever, for the like sixth demi-season running, even if I don't get my weekly Basestar hit. Give me Chip Gaius and I'll roll over, I swear.

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