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On CIC, the Exposition Club of the week, Bill and Laura and Gaeta and Chief, talk about how the nova looks like the mandala inside the Temple. In other words: the sun looks like an eye. Stop the presses. They're both round and do important things like photosynthesis or looking at stuff. Roslin asks Chief if the Thirteenth Tribe maybe had a vision of what was to come, because lord knows the lady likes visions if they make her feel less crazy, and Chief applies some quick plot caulk: "I don't know what else it could mean." (This definitely falls under the "it makes sense, doesn't it?" rule of lazy writing, by the way.) It could mean any fucking number of things, but whatever, we know where this is headed so go with it: either there was another star at some point -- "Seen one nova, you've seen them all," deadpans Tigh -- or there was... oh, hi Gaeta. "Well, there was another nova." He spreads out a handy map on the console. This is retarded but whatever, this episode was fucking fantastic, they can pants around with novae for awhile. I'm sure this was just to sooth the hyperliteral sci-fi people in the audience, not that there's anything wrong with that, but you know I don't roll like that, so it seems unbelievably silly at this point. I kept wanting to tap them on the shoulder and be like, "Fucking GOD. Blew up the SUN. She saw GOD. He blew out her EYEBALLS. Mysterious WAYS, dude. Just let it GO." But you're not me, so here's the official word: Another nova. "Seen 4,000 years ago, around about when the Temple might have been built. It's 13,000 light years from our present position. It's a cloud of gas known as the Ionian Nebula." They stare and think about how fucking coincidental everything is all the time and how even like space dust and little forest creatures are like, "Psst, Earth is totally two blocks over that way, next to the 7-11." Adama fills that in and meanwhile, in more interesting stuff that wasn't obvious last episode, Helo's wigging out about the diagram of the Eye, which he didn't see at any point because he was too busy shooting his wife and crying about it. Always pointing fingers, that Helo, like some kind of postapocalyptic Pelosi.

Starbuck's lying on bunk with the giant mittens of TV burn victims and Helo -- have I mentioned today how awesome these two are together? Not just the way the characters are written, which is brilliant, but also the way they're so members of the same unit all the time, best friends, like when she had a gun to Helo's then-girlfriend's head and he was like, "Whoa, harsh!" and she just completely freaked out and he was like, "Dude, bro." I don't understand how they don't get more scenes together, with this awesome chemistry and totally bizarre thematic disconnect. If you think about the storylines, they are practically on different shows. Guess that explains it. However... "So Starbuck, tell me, is that what you gotta do to get a little extra rack time around here?" She cocks an eyebrow and asks if he's just there to mess with her. He kind of stutters around asking if she's got any octagonal pictures of her apartment on Caprica, a.k.a. the awesomest set on this whole show not taking place in Imaginary Crazyland. Although both sets share the same music, I guess, since God and Kara's dad are both Philip Glass. (Spoiler! Heh.) She flounces her burn victim/Mickey Mouse hands around and smiles, pointing toward a cigar box (of course) on the top shelf in her locker. "Hope you and Sharon aren't planning on redecorating, 'cause you're not gonna get any bright ideas from my old place." (We haven't seen the angle on this yet, have we, when Kara was being a normal human being, but I'm not surprised she calls her "Sharon." First to hate, first to forgive. I love Kara Thrace.) He laughs, comparing her apartment to a particularly untidy -- yet awesome -- train wreck. He brings up her old paintings, and she scoffs: "What about 'em?" He goes very still.

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