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Welcome the fuck back to Battlestar Galactica! Hope you had a great holiday, and your prescriptions have been filled!

41,401 souls in the Fleet. (That's one less than a second ago, by the way, for which I thank the powers that put that number in the credits. Ouch. Tiny little ouch.) Helo watches the Marines cleaning up the mess, zipping his wife into a bodybag, with Adama and Roslin standing by. Adama sends the Marines out and the three of them have a little talk, surrounded by his wife's blood. "Sharon's downloading into another body aboard a Cylon ship right now, isn't she?" asks Roslin. Helo's sitting down, hollowed out. "She begged me to do it." Helo not being strong is like seeing Roslin get dumped on. It's viscerally unsettling. She stares him down. "Gods, if you'd...seen the look in her eyes when I... " Adama -- who's not all that happy with Roslin right now either, by the way, which explains why Olmos spends this entire scene not looking a goddamn person in the eye -- points out that Sharon's got all kinds of clearance: "Codes, procedures; the tactical situation down on the planet's surface." Helo doesn't look up. It's like one of those readings where the people read a play without looking at each other; three people in their cages, trying to talk to each other. "... The Cylons have access to all of that as well," he finishes. Helo gets angry, pointing out that Adama gave her the uniform because he knew she wouldn't betray them. Adama points out that she might not have a choice.

I don't know about that -- not because I love Sharon so much, but because until like five minutes ago, the Cylons never needed to interrogate each other. They just knew. I can't see having any systems in place to get through to somebody like that: even when DEMAND LOVE was getting weird about concentration camps and nuclear annihilation, the other Cylons mostly just acted like they were being bitchy. "She says she could resist, that she wouldn't let it happen. She'll get Hera...and she'll come back." Roslin makes her point a hell of a lot better here than she did last time she faced off with Helo, which is good because this time she has even less of the moral high ground than she did before, when he didn't know she'd kidnapped his baby to suck its blood: "That's quite a leap of faith you've made, there, Captain. And if it involved your family only, I'd say it was brave. But you've put the entire Fleet in jeopardy, are you aware of that?"

He's palpable enough just being there; it hurts enough to know he's in the room. He doesn't have to do anything; he does anyway. He stands with an angry, hateful grin, locking eyes and coming closer -- that's a lot of Helo to have coming at you -- and gives the only appropriate answer here: "If you hadn't lied...and stolen our baby in the first place," Adama, still not looking at anybody in the room, holds his arm but doesn't pull or push. "We wouldn't be here at all." It's the hand you put on a dog when he starts growling at the intruder: gentle but firm and allowing the growl to continue. I don't know how -- without saying or doing anything -- Olmos manages to make his point in this scene so gracefully, but it's really something. Without even moving both feet, he's managed to assure Helo that he loves him and is worried about him, Roslin that he agrees with her in theory but is still pissed about the baby, and both of them that they aren't getting away with anything as long as he's there. As long as I'm wigging the body electric about how great this show is, I should say that he is fucking rad.

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