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Chief bangs his forehead in the Temple of Five, trying to decipher the writing and figure out the secret of the Eye. Cally comes running up with the phone: "Galen, it's Major Adama!" If you were thinking that's like Cally's highest purpose in the universe, bringing you the phone, I won't say you're wrong, but I will say: Keep watching. Apollo asks Chief about the Eye, and Chief asks for more time. Apollo reports that the Cylons are on the move, and to hurry. Chief hangs up and everybody runs around inside the Temple some more.

On a bluff above the Temple, Three and Gaius stare down at it. Three gets shy, Gaius tries to encourage her. "The answers to all your questions are down there in that Temple. What's wrong?" She has nonspecific God fear, shivering. "You are the anointed one. Chosen by God to look on the faces of the Final Five Cylons. It's already written. You will succeed." She sighs and looks down, he cups her face; she reveals her heretofore secret fear that the Final Five and all the Face of God mess that is implied will make her crazy. "The hybrid has looked into the space between life and death, and she's seen things that we cannot conceive of. But she's been driven mad as a result." (Told you. But I also said it only looks crazy to us.) He tells her, in a strong voice, to have faith in God. "Put your life in His hands. He will guide you to your destiny." She smiles, encouraged and brave, and says quietly, "I'm grateful to you. For everything." Her voice implies so much tenderness and intimacy -- they've told us about it but I don't feel like we've really seen it before. She loves him like whoa. He's all tied up with her religion stuff, but she's the one driving the boat. It's a really cool dynamic, as girl/boy religious weirdness goes. He could have just been the Charlie Manson, but instead he's the one that doesn't know what the hell he's doing. Of course, that also means she's right, and we can't have that, so Chip Six appears: "Her destiny will part company from yours, Gaius. She's not the chosen one, you are." Who's talking? "Yes," he says, "I know," and at Three's questioning look: "I know." Remember when I actually cared about the humans, and the Cylon asides were just little irritating terrorist-sympathy diatribes? I can't say at this point that I blame the humans for what has happened here, and I do actually really love the Kara/Lee/Sam/Dee storyline -- yeah, I'm the one -- but MAN do these girls get me going. I love them so much!

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