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So no, I don't "mourn the loss" of the Cylons' mystery and menace: that's evolution. Heaven for everybody. I think any story that wants to responsibly talk about war and genocide had better get its shit together about this, and I think this show is clearly doing so. Frankly, jihad and terrorism could stand to lose a fuckload of mystery and menace, we could all stand to read up on the Quran, because that's how you move forward. Other people don't need your mystery and menace, they need your strength. How you draw the line between that and saying the show's jumped the shark, or I'm a bad American or a shitty writer for loving the Cylons, is your business. I'm trying really hard not to say that the concept is offensive to me, because it's really just a TV show we could stand to learn a little something from. But it sometimes seems to confuse a lot of people when I have to write about the Cylons, and I figure now's as good a time as any, because this is a Cylon-heavy episode and a Cylon-heavy show and we live in a Cylon-heavy world, and I, for good or ill, am your recapper.

Apollo's on a ridge with the snipers while Anders's team sets up the charges in the canyon. The conversation cuts back and forth between the two teams; Barolay asks Anders what happens if the Cylons don't play along, and Anders tells her they're following Apollo's orders in the hopes they won't die. Somebody asks Lee if the civilians can handle, this and Apollo points out that for a Pyramid team they did pretty well on Caprica. The Centurions appear and Lee signals the ground team. The Centurions continue recon and we wait, and wait, and wait for them to show up.

Commercial, more waiting, and then a big huge fight. They take out the lead Centurion's legs and he fires from the ground, awesomely. One of our guys falls, and the robots finally pull back. The groups reconvene, hiding the body and checking all points. "We bought ourselves a little time," Lee says. "But they'll be back. And with force. So dig in. We'll need to hold them off until Chief finds the Eye. And keep your eyes out on those ridges." More staring, more pointing guns, more worrying. Anders asks about Kara and Dee; nothing so far.

In Starbuck's Raptor, she tries to pull the gloves off her burned hands, but it hurts too much. She squeezes her eyes tight against the sound of ripping flesh, biting holes in her lip and gasping. She doesn't cry. Missing the shadow passing by, she goes for the morph, almost crying or barfing, unable to open it. There's a thump, and she pulls her pistol at the door. It took a shorter time to write those sentences than it did to watch it happen, but it felt like it was taking forever. It's hard to watch. Dualla sticks her head in and Starbuck lowers the gun, shouting how she almost shot her, and Dee's like, "Yeah. Glad to see you too." She drops that tune mighty fast as Starbuck gags on her pain, having ripped more skin holding the gun. She takes Kara's hands softly: "Okay, okay. It's okay, yeah." She grabs a morph shot and stabs Kara in the leg with it, hard, for old time's sake. Kara cuts eyes at her and she shrugs; Kara knows she deserved that at least: "Lee sent you?" Dee bites off every other word: "Yep. My husband...ordered me to risk my life for yours, that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna bring Starbuck back to Apollo." Starbuck rolls her eyes in pain and guilt -- and smack! -- and orders another chardonnay, hold the black flies.

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