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Run, Max! Run!

Gilmore kitchen. Rory says she can't believe school's almost starting. Me neither. Lorelai says she hated school starting so much that she once flipped the pages back in her mom's calendar and tried to convince her it was still June. Rory sits down and says that Christopher called her today. He was concerned about Lorelai calling him from her bachelorette party. Rory asks why Lorelai did it. Lorelai's evasive, and says that Long Island Iced Teas make you do strange things, and that someday Rory will learn about the seduction and fickleness of the Long Island Iced Tea. Rory says she doesn't really want to meet that friend. Lorelai hopes she won't. Rory says they all want Lorelai to be happy. Lorelai asks whether she seems happy. "I guess," Rory says. "Okay, then," Lorelai says. Rory says she'll be in her room if Lorelai needs her.

Lorelai hears a noise and goes out front. Luke is carrying a giant golden gazebo-type thing from his truck to the front lawn. He explains that it's a Chupah. Here you go, from the Jewish Wedding website:

Chupah - (hoo-PAH) The wedding canopy.
It is usually a fabric whose with [sic] four corners attached to four poles and stretched over the couple. Like many couples, we used a tallis. It is a sign of G-d's prescence [sic] and symbolizes the couple's new home.

Luke made it himself for Lorelai's wedding. It's carved with animals. It's really quite elaborate. This would have taken Luke a very long time. Lorelai asks why he did it. Luke says you can't just stand in the hot sun on a lawn that's all messy. He comments that Max doesn't mow the lawn. Lorelai says he's not much of a mower. Luke says he'll mow the lawn. Lorelai says one of the Petes from the nursery mows the lawn. It's Little Pete, the "better of the Petes," according to Lorelai and Luke. Lorelai and Luke sit down as Lorelai asks whether Chupahs aren't Jewish. She asks whether God will smite them for using it. Luke says that God would have to get a permit from Cardigan Man to do any smiting. Luke apologizes for the way he was discussing Max. Lorelai asks whether Luke really feels that way about marriage. Luke says that marriage isn't the worst thing for everyone, and that it's probably better than being hobbled. Lorelai says that some people can evolve together, and that John Lennon and Yoko Ono eventually evolved into having the same face as the years went by. Luke says it was spooky, and that they were lucky. Luke says that if you can find that person who doesn't want to change you, then it might be okay. They share a look, and Lorelai stands up. Luke follows her. "No one has ever made me a Chupah before," Lorelai says. Luke answers that theoretically you only get married once. Lorelai agrees. We see Luke and Lorelai standing under the Chupah together, surrounded by the green of Lorelai's front yard.

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