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Red Light On A Wedding Night

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Run, Max! Run!

Rory studies on her bed as Lorelai runs in. "Pack," Lorelai commands. She says they're hitting the road. Rory asks what's going on as Lorelai tells her not to pack lightly. Lorelai empties Rory's drawers as she explains they haven't gone on a road trip in forever and the weather is perfect. Rory says they can't go on a road trip because Lorelai's getting married this weekend. Lorelai looks for sunscreen as Rory asks about Max. "Mom! Stop!" Rory says. Lorelai turns around as Rory asks, "Are you and Max getting married?" Lorelai takes a second and then says, "No." Rory asks why. Lorelai tears up and says that she didn't want to try on her wedding dress every night. Rory takes a second and then asks where they're going. She starts to pack. Lorelai says she doesn't know where they're going. Rory says she'll pack for every kind of weather, with light layers. Rory gets Lorelai a book for the trip. Lorelai tells Rory to hurry, and that they'll leave around six in the morning. Rory says they should shoot for five. "You are crazy. And I love it," Lorelai says, as she leaves the room.

The next morning Lorelai's Jeep is the only vehicle roaming around Stars Hollow. It's still dark out. The car turns. Rory asks whether they're almost there. Lorelai says they're almost there and nowhere near it. "All that matters is we're going," she smiles. The car pulls to a stop. Lorelai and Rory are at the red light in front of Luke's. The long red light in the middle of nowhere, where nobody is crossing or walking or waiting. It's just Lorelai, Rory, and the Jeep, stopped in front of Luke's. They stare at the light, but it doesn't change, keeping Lorelai in Stars Hollow, just outside Luke's reach for just a bit longer.

Next week the wedding's getting called off and everyone's in a fit as the girls continue their road trip to nowhere.

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