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Red Light On A Wedding Night

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Run, Max! Run!

Credits. I've called off my engagement with my cat. Yeah, it's been three months of craziness that I don't have time to go into, but trust me, I sure learned a lot and grew. Thanks for the presents!

Lorelai's house. Kirk hands Max a photograph of Ned Beatty, explaining that these are selections from his portfolio. Lorelai tells Kirk she didn't know he was into photography. Kirk deadpans, "It's my passion." Kirk says that this would be his first wedding gig, and in fact his first photography gig, but he knows he has the eye for this kind of thing. Kirk says his Nikon is top-of-the-line. Max starts speaking camera gibberish about his Nikon, asking what kind Kirk has, and Kirk basically says his camera is the kind that takes pictures with a flash and says "Nikon" over the lens. Lorelai compliments Kirk's amateur shots. She flips through a few and then shouts when she sees a picture of Kirk naked. Kirk says he's wearing a flesh-colored Speedo. Max recognizes one of the photos as VJ Day in 1945. Kirk says that the photo in question is just an example of the excellence he aspires to. Kirk asks for $150 an hour. Lorelai offers lunch and the cost of the film. It's a deal. Kirk leaves. Max asks what time it is. Lorelai moans that it's something with a ten in it. It's ten to three, and Max has to go. Lorelai complains that Max is always going, and Max says that fortunately that will all change soon. He's moving in after the wedding. I hope he hasn't already given his thirty-day notice on his apartment. And wouldn't a private-school English teacher probably own a house in Hartford? ["Not necessarily. Private schools don't always pay their faculty much." -- Wing Chun] Max corrects Lorelai's grammar. She kisses him and says he makes her smarter. She asks him to take her up to the bedroom and see if he can get her into Mensa. Max says he has to go. It's going to take him forever go get back into the city, and he has to get up early to let the painters in. Lorelai asks whether his place is going to be all smelly with paint fumes all weekend. Max says it will. Lorelai says that he should probably just stay at her place instead of driving back and forth all weekend. Wait, what day is it? Is it Friday? Is it still summer? Does he have work? Do they have dinner with Emily tonight? Fuck the timeline. It's Gilmore Girls. Continuity be damned! Lorelai says he should stay over, as a trial run, since it's going to be his place soon, too. Lorelai says it'll be fun. Max asks whether she's ready for him. "I'm always ready for you," Lorelai sighs. "Full-time?" Max asks. No. I mean, "I insist," Lorelai says. As they kiss, Max says that Kirk wasn't wearing a Speedo in that picture. They flirt and banter and kiss. Max leaves. Lorelai smiles.

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