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Red Light On A Wedding Night

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Run, Max! Run!

CuteDean and Rory walk through Stars Hollow discussing their plans for the evening. They've already seen all of the movies, and most of them insulted their intelligence. Rory comments that so many of the films had people doing disgusting things with cows. They wonder why they couldn't vary the animal cruelty in the summer offerings. Rory says they could watch Holy Grail on tape again. CuteDean says that would be good, but that he won't speak in an English accent all night long. Rory says he's no fun. Okay, CuteDean's back in baggy shirts and cargo pants, which is a step in the right direction, and it looks like they're trying to make his hair semi-floppy. Rory: "Hey, tomorrow night?" CuteDean: "Life of Brian?" Rory says that Max is staying over for the first time, and to celebrate they all have to go on a double date. The four of them. So, is tonight Friday? Why are Rory and CuteDean making plans when it's time to get to Emily's? CuteDean says that tomorrow is their anniversary. Rory says their anniversary is on the 24th. CuteDean says that's their old anniversary, but then they broke up and got back together on the 6th, so their new anniversary is the 6th. Haven't two months passed? They're just now celebrating their anniversary, or at least discussing it? Forget it. CuteDean moans about having to go on a double date with adults, and Rory reminds him that they're not adults -- it's Lorelai and Max. Anyway, they decide to have two anniversaries, because that's the candiest thing to do. Twice a month they'll celebrate their anniversary.

Max cuts food in Lorelai's kitchen; Lorelai asks whether she can help. They discuss the two times she's helped before, and how both times she ended up slicing Max. Where are those scenes? I want to see those scenes! Rory enters the kitchen and asks what that weird smell is. Lorelai explains that it's food, and Max asks Rory whether she really thinks it smells weird. Rory explains that it's just a weird smell to have in their kitchen. She says it smells great. Max asks Rory to open the broiler door, and both Rory and Lorelai marvel over the tiny oven under their oven. Lorelai shouts that it's on fire, but Max explains that's the oven flame. "Wow!" Rory says. Max asks the girls what fallout shelter they've been living in all these years. Rory: "He has much knowledge." Lorelai: "We shall form a cult around him." Rory: "Build a statue many storeys high." Lorelai: "We shall grow our hair long and stop bathing." Max asks them to not do any of those things and doesn't do the right thing, which is taking off his shirt, beating his chest shouting, "Worship me, oh dark maidens! I bring you fire! I bring you food and the harvest! I celebrate the moon and all of its shapes! Bring me the head of Babette and fill it with sugary goodness!" He's such a puss. Wait. On second thought, keep that shirt on, Maxy. Don't want to accidentally serve your nipple with some cheese and onion dip. Rory asks whether they're going to have to eat at the table. Max says they can eat wherever she wants. Lorelai says "TV," and Rory runs to get a videotape to watch. Lorelai offers to bring out the plates, and Max asks her to keep all breakables away from him. She shakes the plates toward him and leaves the kitchen.

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