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Laz 'R Us

Open-heart surgery room. Dramatic music plays at the camera zooms in on Bo's slack face. Surgery. Got it.

The front door of the hospital. Whee, the hostages are free! Everybody runs. Clark goes against the tide. MamaKent finds Clark and tells him that Bo Duke is being operated on. Lana and Pete run off without a word. Cowards! MamaKent fills Clark in on the meteor bomb. Cheshire goes to a waiting gunman and tells him that there's too much at stake here. She tells him that if he gets a clean shot, he should take out Brotherman. There's so much more at stake now that the hostages are free? Uh, right.

Dark hospital corridor. Are you as bored as I am? Clark looks for Brotherman. They meet, standoff-style. Clark shows the vial. Clark puts the vial on the floor so that he doesn't have to get too close to the green bomb. Clark uses the excuse that he'd just like to keep his distance from explosives. Brotherman picks up the vial. It bubbles and darkens in reaction to the nearby meteor bomb. "Is it supposed to do this?" Brotherman asks. Clark says he doesn't know. Brotherman backs away and gives the vial to the doctor. He tells Doctor Craggy to do the injection in his brother's chest. "What is this?" he asks. "Just do it!" Brotherman commands. Clark backs that suggestion up. Science! The serum is inserted into a big-ass needle. They do the chest thing. Brotherman asks Clark, who's now standing with them in Deadbro's room, how long the serum is supposed to take. They wait. The doctor says there's no change in the vitals. Brotherman accuses Clark of lying to him. "My brother's getting a liver now!" Brotherman demands. Er, they don't have one, dude. Ed McMahon took them all. Brotherman says they have a man lying in the OR. "That's my dad!" Clark realizes. Doesn't it have to be a matching liver type? Brotherman says he doesn't have a choice. "You're not touching him!" Clark yells. Brotherman holds the bomb timer out, which somehow makes Clark sick. Clark backs away. Brotherman says that Clark will still have his mom. The doctor says that the chances for surgery success are low. "Just go!" says Brotherman. He's not much of a villain, is he? As the doctor leaves the room, Clark whispers, "Doctor, you can't do this." "I know I can't," the doctor says. He's not even a surgeon!

Outside, the sniper is on the rooftop, trying to get a good shot. He sees Clark in his scope. Brotherman leaves the room and walks past Clark. The sniper has a clear shot of a hallway. Brotherman turns as Clark tries to reason with him. Brotherman apologizes. Clear sniper shot of Brotherman's chest. Fire! Brotherman is shot. He falls in slow motion. He knocks over some hospital shelf stuff as he falls. Clark sees his thumb slip from the bomb trigger. In Bullet Time, Brotherman is still falling. Clark leaves a Clark-shaped puff of air as he superzips back, opens a hospital door to Radiology, grabs a lead vest, and runs down the hall with it. He covers the bomb with the lead vest, twists it off Brotherman, and runs. Wouldn't it be exploding right about now? Clark sprints in slow motion and runs outside. He dumps the bomb in some sort of shack where nobody can see him, and there's a green explosion. So the cops aren't covering this exit, then? Inside, Brotherman hits the floor. Vials crash around him. More exploding outside. The doctors working on Bo are like, "Huh? Wuh?" Dr. Hibbert asks if everyone is all right. Bo? You all right? They continue the surgery. Commercials!

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