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Laz 'R Us

Commercials. I can't even catch my breath before we're back at the friggin' hospital. Craggy Doctor follows Deadbro as he's wheeled in on the stretcher and can't seem to explain how Lazarus over here came back from the dead. They have instruments to measure deathness, ya know! Clark mentions the lab in Metropolis. The doctor says that whatever was done is short-term; his liver is deteriorating rapidly. Just like Season 3! Brotherman asks the doctor just to call the lab and order up some more of that sweet life nectar. The doctor has no idea what lab they're talking about. The doctor tries to reason with Brotherman, who doesn't want his brother to die again. The doctor says they're doing everything they can. Clark and Brotherman watch as the doctors tend to NotQuiteDeadBro. "I can't lose him twice Clark," Brotherman says. Deadbro isn't looking so hot.

In another hospital room, Bo Duke is getting his blood pressure taken. Clark comes in. Bo says he feels like he's being prepped for Thanksgiving dinner, and he's the turkey. Well, he's half right. Clark says he'll have a good scar to brag about. Nice one, Clark. Way to make your dad feel better about major surgery. MamaKent asks Clark what's up with Deadbro. Clark tells them about the lab, and how he wants to find it to figure out what cured him. "You need to go help your friend, Clark," says Bo. Doesn't he usually discourage these clandestine adventures? Clark doesn't want to leave, but Bo encourages him to go. He and MamaKent don't want Clark to see the old man all butchered up. Bo tells Clark that if there's a chance he can save a life, that's what he needs to do. So it's like a chore, then? Clark starts to say something, but Bo says he already knows. It's an officially sanctioned Tender Moment. Buy the commemorative plates! Bo and Clark hold hands. "And I love you, too," says Bo. Aw. Clark goes to help his friend.

Outside the hospital, it's GAH! Lana! She's wearing all pink, y'all. Pink shirt, pink coat, pink headband, pink scarf. She's like Nintendo's Kirby on the Atkins diet. Blind! I'm going blind! She emerges from the parking lot with a basket of snacks. She tells Clark she's bringing "sustenance." Soul-sucking, scene-wasting sustenance. Clark tells Lana that his mom will appreciate it, and then brushes her off to go on his little mission. Lana asks if everything's all right. Clark explains about the liver disease and the coming back from the dead and the bleeding eyes. Lana looks stricken. She says she saw it before with Poor Man's Wes Bentley. She tells Clark she read his obit. Clark asks if Lana told anyone. She tells Clark that she was told she'd be in danger. They also make the connection about the injections that PM'sWB was taking. Lana says maybe that serum he was taking was keeping him alive.

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