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"Dex Smiles At Us All; All A Man Can Do Is Smile Back."

In what I can only guess is the sketch room, Angel and LaGuerta are trying to get Oscar, the kid, to describe who he saw, but the kid keeps his mouth shut. LaGuerta tries to get up, saying, "I'll be right back," but Oscar grabs her arm and says, "No!" Touched, she leans forward and whispers something to Angel, who nods, smiling. A second later, Oscar's cramming what's left of a pastelito into his word-hole, and Angel says, "I forgot how much I loved pastelitos growing up." "He just needed a little reminder of home," says LaGuerta. Oscar seems to be in higher spirits, and LaGuerta thinks he's ready for some drawing. As she and Oscar joke around about how many of the little pies they can each eat, we see Dexter standing at the door's window looking in, pondering his fate.

At the Bennett household, Rita is hanging up the birthday banner that Cody and Astor drew when the kids come through the front door. "Did you thank Mrs. Carroll for picking you up from school for me?" Astor says "yes" rather glumly, and Rita wants to know what doing. Astor says a bunch of her friends are bowing out of the party because Cody couldn't keep his yapper shut about their dad getting out of jail. "Did not!" yells Cody, and Astor screams, "You told everyone!" and runs to her room. Rita follows, concerned.

Back at the station, Dexter is still lurking around the interrogation room. "I have to know." He can see the sketchpad through the window, laying face down. He walks in, and is about to grab the pad, when he hears a whisper. "Dexter." It's LaGuerta, and she's sitting on the couch with the niƱo passed out with his head on her lap. "Thank God. My arm's asleep." "How long have you two been like this?" "Half an hour. I was afraid I'd wake him if I moved." "At that age, when they're out, they're out." Dexter comes up with a very Indiana Jones-y plan to replace LaGuerta's lap with a crumpled up coat, and as they attempt the maneuver, Oscar opens his eyes, making Dexter jump back. Luckily, neither Oscar nor LaGuerta notice anything out of place, and Oscar goes back to sleep as she asks Dex what he's doing there. "I'm waiting on some lab work; I had some time to kill." He motions towards the sketchpad, but LaGuerta whispers that since Oscar was tired, they didn't really get very far. "It's only a matter of time before we know what this little guy saw." Dexter picks up the pad, and looks down at two very familiar eyes looking back at him.

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