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"Dex Smiles At Us All; All A Man Can Do Is Smile Back."

Flashback time. Teen Deb is throwing a ball against a wall outside, and Dex asks her, "How long are you grounded for?" I suppose this is right after the gun incident. "Two months." Whoa! Remar totally did not act two months angry. I would have guess two weeks. Damn. "Deb, I had to tell him." "No, Dex, you didn't. You could have kept your fucking mouth shut." "Dad was really worried about you, and so was I." Deb goes off on a Daddy's Little Girl tangent, ending with "I wish he'd never brought you home." Ouch, dude. Not cool. She immediately apologizes, and Dexter doesn't say anything at first. "Here," he says finally, tossing her one the cans she shot, full of holes. "You're a better shot than me anyway." You see, you little brat? He's lookin' out for you, you just have to trust him. Trust and believe.

Rita's baking, and she looks ultra-mega-stressed. She stops stirring and turns to the phone to make a call. She dials, and it rings a couple of times. A man picks up on the other end, and Rita says, "Paul, hi, it's me. Listen, we need to talk. I know you want to see Astor, but...the kids are doing so well, now, and...maybe it would be a good idea if you don't come to the party. I, just....I..." Paul: "She is my daughter, too, Rita. I have every right to be there." Guy sounds like a real prickly cock. His tone is enough to send Rita into Hear Me Roar mode, and she's all, "You know what? I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I have full custody now, and you can't just drop in on us like this anymore. I checked, and the restraining order is still in effect, so if you step one foot on this property, the first call I'm gonna make is to the police, the second call is to your parole officer." Damn, gurl! Yeah, that's right. That's "girl," but I took out the "i" and put in a "u," because it makes it look and sound more street. Rita's verbal bitch-slapping of Paul has got me all psyched.

Over at Castillo's junkyard, a cadet finds the knife that Dexter has no doubt planted there and phones it in.

Dexter puts his Box O' Kills back in its air conditioned home and looks relieved. He gets a call on the old cellphone, and looks pleased when he answers. "I'll be right there."

Oscar is playing with a pair of handcuffs like they're glasses, and LaGuerta laughs and takes a picture. All of a sudden, we hear, "Oscarcito?" It's Oscar's Uncle Roberto, who the social worker was able to track down. "That's great!" fakes LaGuerta, whose uterus is throbbing like a kick drum. Hardly able to conceal her attachment to the child, she says, "He should be with family." Roberto wants to know if he can take him home, and LaGuerta looks to the sketch artist for final approval. "We're good," he says, and LaGuerta nods yes. Oscar runs up and gives her a kiss, which, even I have to admit is pretty cute, and then he and Tío Roberto take their leave. As Maria watches them leave, Angel looks at the sketch and, in a very concerned voice, says, "LT, you gotta see this." Holy shit. You guys, is it possible this kid was able to describe Dexter well enough to have the sketch look like him? LaGuerta, comes back into the room, crying a little. "You okay?" Angel asks. "Damn contacts," she fronts and looks at the sketch. "Ay Dios, Mío."

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